July 21, 2006 at 6:22 pm (Uncategorized)

This is my grandfather, my mother’s father. He was born in 1901 and died in 1970 about a month before my sister was born. My grandfather had a “shady” past. Back in his 20s he did some jail time for attempted murder. Yes, I said attempted murder. And not to be left out, one of his older brothers actually murdered someone and went to jail for a LONG time where he eventually was killed in jail. How ironic. The family isn’t sure what happened or why he did this but we knew he had been in jail and he had tried to murder someone.

Supposedly, back in the day, you didn’t ask your father “why did you try to kill someone” OR “what were you in jail for”. My mother and her family were extremely quiet people and did not ask questions of their parents. Luckily, my grandfather did this deed before he married my grandmother. She was 9 years younger than him and they didn’t marry until she was 25 and he was 35, therefore no wife and kids were involved in this exploit. He also did not get in trouble again. Sometimes I wonder if it was just a bar fight gone bad?

I often chuckle at this whole story as I can find it funny. My mother and her siblings don’t find it as funny as I, which I can understand.

I do wish that he and my grandmother were still alive, I miss them.

One question I always ask myself is “how did my great grandparents feel about having two jailbirds for sons”?


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