August 4, 2006 at 6:51 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a cat lover and owner. I have two cats who are sisters. After losing my beloved cat to an outside romp, in which he never returned, I acquired two little fluffs of fur for pets. About a month after the loss of my beloved, two tiny kitties came traipsing through my neighbors yard and eventually won my heart. They are six this year and they are my “girls”. One is very affectionate while the other is more standoffish and only wants love on her own terms. Typical cat behavior.

The ironic thing is I was telling my friend that the only way I would acquire another pet is if they found me, which they did.

On that note, Anne Altman over at Two Can Anne, is hosting Doodlefest 2006. Doodlefest 2006 is in honor of her 7 year old cat, Doodle. Go read Doodle’s adoption story and peruse the rest of Anne’s site for more Doodle stories and other crazy rantings.

These two sites are also good if you love kitties, Stuff on my Cat and Cats in Sinks, go take a look, you will love them. Once you read some of Doodle’s stories you will understand the Cats in Sinks site. Very funny and cute. Enjoy!


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