August 5, 2006 at 11:47 pm (Uncategorized)

I have some talented friends, well just one really!

My friend in Florida has amazing skills, I think. He would tell you otherwise. As I mentioned before, he’s a die hard Pat Benatar fan. My friend can airbrush, sculpt, draw, build stuff, etc. and is amazing at it. Did I already say that? Back in the early days, he would create banners for our Pat Benatar concert romps. He would prepare a few months in advance and be airbrushing right up till the last minute. One concert, back in the 80’s (I don’t remember the exact year) she was playing at the Tower Theater in Philly. He made his banner, we all went to the concert and he was promptly invited back stage so that Pat could meet the talented human being that made that fabulous banner. Of course he invited me along. What friend wouldn’t? It was awesome. I was nervous and a little shy. I think he was nervous as well but he didn’t show it. He has a picture, quite a few actually, of his meetings with Pat. They have been numerous at this point. I am not in this picture that was taken that night. I was too nervous and it was really his night so I didn’t want to be in it.

Here is his other talent, airbrushing naked women. You know, every guy’s dream! A couple of year’s ago, this strip club wanted their girls airbrushed for Halloween and my friend was more than happy to oblige them. He did this for a couple of years but hasn’t had a chance to get back to it due to his hectic work schedule. My friend is in the center of these two lovely ladies, isn’t he a hottie?!

If you would like to assist him this year, let me know and I will give him your contact information.*

*oops, sorry, this position has been filled. Better luck next time.



  1. Scarlet said,

    ..he is painted? right?? Thats not his natural complexion??

  2. Teri said,

    it’s a costume. or it could be his natural complexion, who knows?

  3. Caloden said,

    Good god, to be airbrushed, just like the Hugh Heffner’s girls. What a dream come true. Perhaps if I were to lose 30 pounds and tone up, he could make a work of art out of me -I have long wanted to be covered in shimmery aqua mermaid scales. It would give me something to look forward to. 🙂

    Thanks for de-lurking. The fun about a delurker is that then you can go and find out about their blogs.

  4. Caloden said,

    Also, thank you for your kind words. This truly has been the most difficult time -ever. Every day seems to get harder, though I have heard that after a year or so things get better.

    And it unfortunate that it sometimes takes a death knocks a screaming clarity into our visions, but it does.

  5. Teri said,

    Caloden, I feel the same way, I think it would be sexy to be airbrushed but only if you look halfway like one of those girls looks.

    thanks for coming by. I didn’t want to delurk before due to the content of your posts, felt like I was intruding. : )

  6. Dick Small said,

    When I was first ever elected for anything, at my swearing-in ceremony I had an artist airbrush a tuxedo on me. To this day, looking at my old pictures, you still can’t tell.

  7. Teri said,

    Dick, it all went downhill from there, didn’t it. It would save on clothing and money if everyone did this though.

  8. Doctor Mom said,

    Demi Moore also had a suit spray painted on her… but she made the cover of Elle… or Vogue… or something

    Dick, did you make the cover of anything with your spray-painted tux?

  9. Mainline Mom said,

    doctor mom…I think it was Vanity Fair…

    Hmm…interesting friends you’ve got there Teri.

  10. Teri said,

    thanks Mainline Mom, I do have some interesting friends…oh, was that sarcasm?

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