August 11, 2006 at 7:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Six degrees of Separation of Teri!

Back in July of 1996 my lovely nephew Dakota was born. My mom and I were there for his birth. Several months later I decided I really wanted to be closer to my sister and nephew so I moved to lovely Indiana where they were living. Wouldn’t you move to the ends of the earth for this cute face??? Mr. Dakota is now 10 years of age (where did the time go?).

Here’s where the story really begins. My sister was in the Air Force and stationed in Japan. She met my brother-in-law and they got married. They eventually came back to the States and were stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming where my nephew was born.

My BIL is from Indiana and when their time was up in the Air Force that’s where they moved. One day while visiting my sister, BIL and nephew in Indiana, my BIL’s cousin was at the house. The cousin lives in Kansas but I did not know this at the time. I don’t remember how the topic of my last name came up but it did. My BIL’s cousin says “my dad is best friend’s with someone with this last name”. I say “really, what is this person’s first name?”. He says “Paul”. I sit there basically with my mouth open and catching tons of flys because this person is my father.

What are the odds that my BIL’s cousin knows my father and his dad is best friends with my father? My sister and BIL met in Japan. Japan people! Not the States and there is a population of how many in the States? Like 200 million people?!?! Plus the town that my father lives in has a population of about 100. It still freaks me out to this day.

Has anyone had a similar freaky experience?



  1. Zed said,

    I LOVE coincidences like that! Too cool!

    The only weird thing of that nature that I experienced was when I lived in France I traveled from Lyon to Paris for a week’s stay. One day, taking a walk north near the Seine, I rounded a corner and banged right into someone coming from the east. We both said “Sorry!” and when I looked right at her face I realized she was Susan, an friend from high school. How weird is that?

  2. Teri said,

    Wow, that is way weird.

    I can’t fathom the amount of people on this planet and something like this happens it totally freaks me out because I feel like I’m a grain of sand and what are the odds of things like this happening?

  3. Scarlet said,

    3 months ago i moved towns, started a new job. Chatting to the 2 brothers that i mostly work with, we discovered we “idolize’ the same band. Quoting song lyrics from the last 20+ years. Then last week we had a long chat about our pasts. Over the last 20 years we have all worked at the same places, just at different times. We could name alot of the same former co-workers. Describe the same jobs/places/factories/offices.

    Its like the same pasts but in a different order. (just a few extra little bits each). Even now one of the other workers is the father of a guy i worked with 8-10 years ago.

  4. Mainline Mom said,

    Not really. I always run into someone I know when I’m traveling though…even overseas. I remember being floored when I was 15 and ran into my elem. school principal in London. Now it doesn’t surprise me.

  5. Teri said,

    okay, here’s another one for you. a couple of year’s ago I was in Disney World with a couple of friends. Me and these friends worked together. And who do I see in one of the ride lines? my supervisor from work! I had NO idea she would be there.

    Scarlet, yours is completely freaky!

    Mainline mom, I think the same for you. Why do we meet these people in another country at the exact time and place that a million other people are at???

    I’m starting to think time travel is possible.

  6. Norman said,

    too cool!!

    I’ve had freaky experiences too. It’s what makes life fun!!

    Hey — I’m less than normal?? I LOVE IT!!!

  7. Dick Small said,

    That’s a cute kid!

  8. Teri said,

    Norman, yep, I agree that the freakiness is fun and makes life more interesting. remember this about your ghosts. maybe you won’t get so freaked out then. I’m sorry but I still would, I believe in that shit and get goosebumps just reading about your ghosts. bbbrrrrrrr

    dick, thanks, good looks run in the family. ehehehehehe

  9. Doctor Mom said,

    The world gets smaller every day!

  10. Doctor Mom said,

    Last fall when I was completing my dissertation work, I tried to locate my very first mentor/professor so I could mention her in my acknowledgements. Unfortunately, I found her in the obituaries. It was a sudden death and she was quite young. She was survived by her children, but it did not give where they lived.

    I ended up dedicating my work in memory of my grandfather and my mentor.

    This spring, my son was assigned to a baseball team. The coach turned out to be my mentor’s son.

    Karma…fate…small world…God’s Plan?

  11. Teri said,

    dr. mom, sometimes I think all of those.

  12. Zed said,

    Doctor Mom, that’s so strange… It’s as if everything “meshed.”

    Today at lunch someone (a stranger) told me almost the same exact story. When I came here and read what you wrote it became one of those “do-do do-do” Twilight-Zone-Rod-Serling moments.

    You didn’t have lunch have lunch at Cheesecake Factory today, did you? 🙂

  13. Doctor Mom said,

    Hi Zed….(yeah, right)

    I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory. Sorry!

  14. stepblog said,

    I was 12 and in the Bahamas with my family (the most fancy family vacation we ever took). We were playing beach volleyball and I look over and there is my gym teacher. He starts giving me pointers, and then starts ordering me around like we’re in class! He was completely drunk. It kind of sucked.

  15. "that girl" said,

    holy cow!! where’d that little dude go??!! next year he’ll be taller than me!!

    i’ve never gotten over that weirdness!! i’ve been to other countries and met up with people that know people that i know….people that i went to school with, but that whole story is almost just creepy!!

  16. Teri said,

    T, when were you in other countries?

    yeah, the boy is almost mom’s height, freaky.

  17. "that girl" said,

    uuuhhh, last time i checked, okinawa was another country and techically guam kinda is to…. and there is always LA, it might as well be another country, so is south phoenix for that matter!!

  18. Teri said,

    sorry, I either forgot or didn’t know that you went to Guam, I know the husband went to Guam.

    wouldn’t it be nice to send him back there?

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