August 16, 2006 at 12:28 am (Uncategorized)

Has the earth slowed on its axis? Has it stopped? Because everyone around me is going in ssslllooowww mmmoootttiiiooonnn and I can’t get anything done.

I’ve been trying since June to get a contractor/handyman out to the house to fix some things so that I can put it on the market. Well it’s August and a friend is actually doing the work for me. I called a handyman back in June he seemed very interested and said he’d call me back with regard to payment, etc. Weeks went by and I gave him a call. Yes he’s still interested, he was able to set up credit card payments, etc. I’ll call you back. Two months have gone by and he just phoned me last week to set up something. Sorry, but you won’t be hearing from me. I expect a contractor to tell me “I’ve got a month or two worth of work, can I get back to you after that”? I heard nothing. Next……

I called a local handyman, the other handyman was located in North Jersey, and he came out, gave me an estimate and I was in the process of setting up a time for him to do the work, when……

My best friend says “B can do the work for you and cheaper. He just redid his brother’s whole house and it’s no problem”. Now I like B, he’s nice, great personality, nice to look at *wink wink* but it’s still ssslllooowww going. He’s got knee issues, sister who owns a camp and wants his help issues, etc. I’m being very patient because I like B and don’t want to rush it and have him hate me or vise versa. I was also thinking “school is starting in a few weeks and who wants to buy a house and move when they have kids in school”. So will it take longer to sell my house???

Then, I have a portfolio class that I signed up for in May. This class will help me put my portfolio together so that I can show potential employers my work and it’s also a credit class that I have to have to get my degree. It’s an independent study which means I don’t have to go to a weekly class. But again, the professor, who is head of this curriculum, has not really communicated with me. She knows I’m moving to Florida and she says I can still put it together even if I’m in another state. I feel like I have to keep calling her and emailing her to get a response “can I start this now, please”. I would prefer to put it together while I’m still in NJ because the school computers have all the software on it (Dreamweaver, Quark, Maya, etc.) but I feel that I don’t get answers from her. She’s really nice but sometimes I hate having to call these people all the time. They have a job, can’t they just DO IT. I have to do my job. I don’t like doing theirs as well.

So basically I’m frustrated as hell and just wanted to rant. Thank you and come back soon.



  1. Lori said,

    I feel your pain. It amazes me that these people must be doing so well that they don’t need your business.

    Same thing happened to us a few months back. We wanted some landscaping done, contacted four landscapers, and only one of them ever returned our phone calls.

    I don’t get it.

  2. Teri said,

    I hear this alot from folks, so I know I’m not special but it still boggles the mind. Please just return my call, tell me to fuck off you’re busy and I won’t be crazy because there was communication of some kind. how hard is that?

  3. Zed said,

    To my identical twin, Teri,
    I just hate dealing with contractors. Last electrician I worked with said “I’ll be there between 10 and 4” and then didn’t show up at all. When he called three days later, he barely apologized and said he’d show up the next day at 10; he arrived at 12:45. So reliable.

    Why leave the great state of NJ? Can’t you do freelance animation? I thought that was a job that was done 100% on computers these days. But if you’re dead set on Florida anyway, keep in mind you’re going to be surrounded by 10 million old people and an awful lot of wrinkles–not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. Teri said,


    I’m not confident enough in my skills to do freelance work at the moment. I would like to work for a company for a few years and then maybe do some freelance or just stick with the company.

    I’ve really thought about staying in Jersey, I love it in this area but it’s so expensive. We have the highest car insurance premiums and property taxes in the country and it makes it hard to just live here sometimes, especially if you’re not making in the high 5 figure category. My mortgage goes up every year because my taxes go up and I’m 40 years old and paying over $1000 for my car insurance. It’s insane.

    Who knows I might find out the little slice of Florida that I want to live is the same way and just decide to stay, who knows, I’m still researching and nothing is final until house closing time.

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