My new favorite author

August 24, 2006 at 12:07 am (Uncategorized)

I have a new favorite author. I read while on the train coming to and from work and I read on my lunch break. I’ve heard of this author but only from the title of his book. I recently bought this book because I figured it was about time since I had been hearing about it for a few years now.

His name is Augusten Burroughs and he is the author of “Running With Scissors”. Have you read this book? It’s hilarious, I think. I laugh while reading his books. I laugh on the train, I laugh at work while reading. People probably think I’m crazy but I think his stuff is FUNNY! After I read this book I had to have more, like a crack addict needs a fix. I bought all of his other books and started to read. I think at this point I would read anything that he wrote, even if it was a grocery list.

Except this one, it’s on my desk at home waiting for me to finish the current book I’m reading—————————>

Go buy Running With Scissors, you’ll enjoy it, I promise.



  1. Doctor Mom said,

    My husband read running with scissors… he said it reminded him of my family….

    Are they really that dysfunctional?

  2. Teri said,

    they are 200% dysfunctional and I think Mr. Burroughs suffers from that dysfunctionality. His brother also has a form of autism but is considered a genius so there must be something in the family that makes them all crazy in a strange way.

  3. Doctor Mom said,

    Hmmmm… maybe his family and my biological family should get together and go bowling!

  4. Teri said,

    they would have a blast!

  5. Charlie Blockhead said,

    I’ve almost read this a couple of times but kept putting it back down for some reason. Try “The Memory Keepers Daughter” by Kim Edwards

  6. Mainline Mom said,

    I’m not sure I would enjoy reading about another dysfunction family. I’m not into dysfunction family comedy.

  7. Teri said,

    Charlie, I will check it out.

    Mainline Mom, then if you’re not into it, why buy it.

    I found it more humourous than stressful because they were disfunctional.

  8. Zed said,

    Running with Scissors–I need to read this book!

    I read so much for a living, I find little joy in reading in my free time. But I promise to make an effort to read Burroughs. I keep hearing such good things about him.

  9. Doctor Mom said,

    Sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone elses’ childhood is more messed up than your own.

  10. Teri said,

    that’s the way I think about it Dr. Mom.

    I know reading his stuff I actually like the way he thinks and the analogies and metaphors he uses. Sometimes the craziness gets lessened because I like those other points about him.

  11. kattbanjo said,

    I am reading “helen of troy” by margret george. don’t looked so shocked. katt does have a brain.

    I left out all caps in protest..

  12. Teri said,

    Katt, oh we know you have a brain and a great one to boot.

    Is the book good so far?

    I had a period where I was reading books on the founding fathers (John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson). I thought I was smart for about a second and then came crashing back to earth.

  13. kattbanjo said,

    it’s fabulous. All her books are weel-researched and marvelous. She writes about historical figures. She did one on Henry the Eighth which is still one of my all time favorite reads. You should read her work. They are all great!

    Beware the catfish! Refuse to uncorss my legs now. Even for husband…

  14. kattbanjo said,

    hvae decided to run around house with a box on my head AND a pair of scissors. Oh yeah, I’m a rebel. Or I’ve had too much cold medicine….

    either way. I totally rock.

  15. Scarlet said,

    It is in the process of becoming a movie. It is in post production and will soon be given a release date.

  16. Teri said,

    Scarlet, thanks I’ve been to Augusten’s web site and have seen the trailer for the movie.

    I don’t know if I would go see it, it might kill the book effect for me. will wait and see.

  17. Doctor Mom said,

    FYI and Shameless Plug:

    Vote now for idiot of the week!

  18. Teri said,

    Dr. Mom, you are shameless…

  19. Doctor Mom said,

    Yeah, just a little though.

  20. Doctor Mom said,

    At least I didn’t ask you for a link on your sidebar!

  21. Teri said,

    you should ask for a spot on my sidebar. because I need to be reminded, I’m lazy like that.

  22. Doctor Mom said,

    That would be very kind and mighty neighborly of you to include me in on your list of guests to Family Tree Junkie… although I would hope that you wouldn’t necessarily consider me one of the “Less Normal Folks” and God forbid, I would be considered one of the “Downright Deranged”… that would be hard to accept.

    I would have to go back to my childhood shrink again… and I already did that once because of The Slack.

  23. Teri said,

    okay Dr. Mom, I added you to the sidebar and in the normal folk section. I try not to contribute to mental instabilities.

  24. kattbanjo said,

    what’s wrong with a litlle mental instability? I find it spices things up a bit…

  25. Teri said,

    Katt, some folks just aren’t into it. I, on the other hand love mental instability. Not all the time, but frequently enough that it makes people wonder.

  26. kattbanjo said,


  27. "that girl" said,

    … audio book … ???

    that seems to be the only way i can actually read a book

    backwards ass arizona doesn’t have that train concept, so reading while commuting could pose to be a bit dangerous

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