August 26, 2006 at 6:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Here’s a lovely picture of my mother, me and my other siblings. These children are my siblings and from my father’s first marriage. This photo was probably taken in 1966 sometime as I am the baby on her lap. She was 23 when she had me.

My mother grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. You know, the kind of town that really does roll up the sidewalks at night. The kind of town that if you blink you miss it! Both sides of my mother’s family were farmers and lived in Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas and Texas.

My mother is the only one of her siblings with hazel eyes. My mom and I believe that she might take after the Swedish side of the family considering her eye color and her strong resemblance to my grandmother. Since she is the only one in her family with the light eyes, she passed these traits to me and my sister. My sister and I are the only two amongst the cousins that have blondish hair and blue eyes. All the rest have brown eyes and brown hair. I’ve actually enjoyed being one of the group to stand out. I’m a rebel that way. Or maybe it’s just my Irish side kicking some butt?

A few things I love about my mom are her abilities to always step back and let us make our own way but always be positive with everything that we do. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s always a positive and learning experience in her eyes.

Mom will be 63 this year. I could not ask for a more loving and better parent. She’s my soul and my rock.



  1. Zed said,

    That was really lovely Teri. I’m glad I stopped by to read it. It’s obvious your mother means the world to you.

  2. Doctor Mom said,

    Count your blessings! You’re very lucky!

    Cherish the time that you have with her… a positive role model, someone who loved you unconditionally, and made good choices for your life is invaluable.

  3. Doctor Mom said,


    I’m slightly normal!!!!

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    Thanks Teri!

  4. Teri said,

    Dr. Mom, I’m sure if you hang around long enough with the rest of the “interesting” people, I’ll have to bump you down to the next category.

  5. Dick Small said,

    My mom is great too. Well, when she’s sober that is. And when we’re able to catch her when she’s NOT in the casinos, or pawning her wedding rings….

  6. kattbanjo said,

    AWW! I am so glad some body has a normal mom. Mine is a psycho…..

  7. Teri said,

    Thanks Sis.

    Dr. Mom, I do cherish the time I have with her. Everytime I think of the day that I will lose her I almost stop breathing and I start to cry. But at least I’m preparing myself for the inevitable.

    Dick, sorry to hear that. It’s hard dealing with a parent with addictions but hopefully she’s not selling her body, stealing from the kids, etc. to get her money. OR IS SHE???

    Katt, maybe your mom would’t be a psycho is you weren’t living with her?? Is she relatively normal otherwise?

  8. kattbanjo said,

    NOPE! SHe’s always been a psycho. I have learned to accept I wil never have the kind of mom that I hoped to have. SO it’s ok. I am jealous of you, though…

  9. Jen said,

    Nice post

    Cool pic too
    I love old pictures..

  10. Doctor Mom said,


    Your mom and my mom should get together and go bowling…

    Oh, that’s right, my psycho mom probably invented the game, won every possible award for it, and wouldn’t want to shame your psycho mom by playing with her.

  11. Mr. Fabulous said,

    That’s really cool. You are lucky to have that kind of a relationship with your mom.

    Teri, do you know why your site isn’t publishing a feed? I can’t subscribe to you through bloglines. I have to keep you in a folder 🙂

  12. Teri said,

    Can anyone answer Mr. Fab’s question above? I have no idea since I don’t know about this stuff yet.

  13. Mainline Mom said,

    Aww what a nice picture. My mom’s ok. I love that she bought me a beachhouse, but I don’t love that the beachhouse is making her psycho. Seriously.

  14. Doctor Mom said,

    Email me or call me on my cell and I’ll help you with getting this published on the weblogs

  15. Dick Small said,

    Mainline, your mom bought you a beach house??? and she’s just OK????? You want to trade?? I’ll take a beach house over a carton of cigarettes any day. Damn….

  16. Mainline Mom said,

    Well technically it’s still in her name, but she says she bought it for me and I get to use it whenever I want. And when she kicks the bucket I get it, not her husband. But for now she gets to use it too, hence the stress. I can only stand to live under one roof with her and her husband for so long.

    No I won’t trade. I don’t smoke.

  17. Teri said,

    Damn Mainline Mom, Dick beat me to that same question.

    Hopefully your mom won’t “kick the bucket” anytime soon.

  18. Mainline Mom said,

    Alright, so my mom is better than Ok. She just drives me nuts a lot. And no, she won’t kick the bucket for a long long time. But I inherit two more houses from my grandparents when they do, and that’s not so far away! (not that I’m hastening the day)

  19. Charlie Blockhead said,

    Crap now I gotta call my mom!!!
    Thanks for the guilt trip.

  20. Anonymous said,

    Are you sure that you’re not scottish? Love the Plaid !

    William’s Brother

  21. Teri said,

    William’s Brother, no Scottish that I know of, just the Irish.

    you know how it was back then. they dressed kids in plaid shirts and polka dotted pants for crying out loud. crazy…

  22. Renee said,

    Hey Teri –
    Such a nice post about your mom. I love that you’re into geneology. That interests me too and I’ve never really dug in and uncovered very much information. Thanks for stopping by… I’ll be back.

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