Dick Small: A Man’s Man

August 30, 2006 at 10:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Just a little advertising for my stud friend, Dick Small. His prison visit has made sure that he’s a Manly Man. Can’t you tell by his photo. So for all you guys and gals out there, go on, don’t be shy. Go visit. What are you waiting for? Go on, he doesn’t bite, well not physically anyway.

thanks for the photo help, Jen.



  1. Doctor Mom said,


  2. "that girl" said,

    his head is a bit small compared to the rest of his body!!

  3. Teri said,

    he was taking steroids at the time and that’s one of the side effects, little head, big body.

    it still bothers him to this day.

  4. Zed said,

    Man, what a man! Yes, a manly man! And a man’s man! He’s the man! Man oh man.

    Okay, enough of that… 🙂

    I love the picture, Teri and Jen! I never knew Mister Small had a such a robust body. I may have to be nicer to him now.

  5. Lori said,

    Steroids, huh?

    His nipples must be the size of grapefruits by this point!

    OK, I just succeeded in totally grossing myself out…

  6. Teri said,

    yeah Lori, that was pretty gross and mind numbing at the same time.


  7. Dick Small said,

    Ummm, that’s very disturbing, Teri. But “thanks”….

  8. Scarlet said,

    MY EYES!! my eyes!!!!

  9. Jen said,


  10. kattbanjo said,

    OMG! I think you just broke my brain. I’ll never be right again.

  11. Shroom-Monkey said,

    does he work for Medival Times??

  12. Teri said,

    Katt, sorry didn’t realize this picture would break your brain. we’ll send for a new one for you.

    shroom, yes, I think he does work for Medieval Times.

  13. Mr. Fabulous said,

    If he doesn’t bite physically, then what are these marks on my buttocks?

  14. Teri said,

    Fab, that’s between you and him. I’m assuming you have a “thing” with each other that doesn’t encompass this post.

  15. Mainline Mom said,

    Why?! Why would you do this?!

  16. Teri said,

    I was high on crack, Mainline Mom.

    I’ve come down now, would you like me to remove it???


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