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September 2, 2006 at 6:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Don’t know why this came to my mind to post but here it is. Here is a list of shows that I watch with the number 1 spot being the MUST see:

1. Laguna Beach
2. Biggest Loser
3. Celebrity Fit Club 4
4. Rev. Run’s House
5. My Fair Brady

What’s your top 5 and why? What’s the REAL reason that you like the show so much? Here are my reasons:

1. Laguna Beach – again, I think it has something to do with my highschool years (I must see a therapist SOON). I loved the last two seasons and I even have season 1 on dvd because I missed most of the episodes before I really got into it. I think mostly it is the scenery. I would love to live in Laguna Beach because it is BEAUTIFUL and the weather is always great!!!

2. Biggest Loser – I love seeing people realize their dreams and goals, especially when it comes to weight. It’s also cool seeing who will turn on whom next. It’s a cut throat world out there and this show can prove it at times.

3. Celebrity Fit Club 4 – See answer to number 2. Even though they are celebrities they need some love as well. It depends on the season and who is on for that season for me to watch. This season is pretty good. Mostly women who have gained weight due to having kids, etc.

4. Rev. Run’s House – Good clean fun. He’s actually a good rolemodel and keeps his family in-line and organized.

5. My Fair Brady – Christopher Knight, do I have to say more? You know, Peter Brady! Hello, Peter Brady of the Brady Bunch. Adrienne Curry also makes it worthwhile. She’s a little nuts but I think she’s keeps his ass in-line. I like her!

And there you have it. Leave your answers in the comment section.



  1. Mr. Fabulous said,

    1. Gotta be Seinfeld. Best show ever, even though it’s only reruns I get to see now.

    2. Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    3. The Sopranos

    4. Entourage.

    5. The Colbert Report

    As far as why, I guess I just love to laugh! 🙂

  2. Teri said,

    Laughing is the greatest exercise in the world.

    Now if we could only burn more calories while doing it……..

  3. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Yay, now I can subcribe! Thanks!

  4. Lori said,

    1. Prison Break – great show, plus the obvious hottie factor of Wentworth Miller (see my blog for details!)
    2. Good Eats – Love Alton Brown. He’s so quirky and funny and makes nutritional anthropology interesting.
    3. News. Duh.

    Sorry, couldn’t think of 5 shows I MUST see.

  5. Zed said,

    1. Everybody Loves Raymond
    2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    3. What Not to Wear
    4. Seinfeld
    5. The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    6. The Amazing Race
    7. Frasier
    8. Martha

    Too many? 🙂

    And other than the news, that’s pretty much all I watch all week long. Oh, and The Weather Channel!

  6. Jen said,

    1. Seinfeld – greatest show ever
    2. South Park – Sick yet Funny & Smart
    3. Six Feet Under – Great writers
    4. The Office -No need for an explanation!!
    5. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    REality Shows-
    I still watch survivor…
    But it’s starting to get Old..

  7. Doctor Mom said,

    I like Biggest Loser, because it makes me feel better about myself when I’m on the treadmill in shorts!

    I love
    1. Friends
    2. Seinfeld
    3. Everybody Loves Raymond
    4. 24!!!! (the only one running anymore)

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