I Love New Jersey

September 12, 2006 at 10:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Dear blogger friends,

For the past year I have been planning to move to Florida. I was finishing up my Associates Degree in Computer Graphics at my local college, I was doing some research online with regard to where I wanted to live. I had gotten the name of a realtor in the Orlando area and I had told everyone I know about my move to another State. I was mentally preparing myself for all the preparations I would have to make for this move.

Then a lightening bolt hit me and I changed my mind about the whole thing.

I have always loved the area that I live in. I love the history, the shore (Cape May is my favorite), the mountains, the close proximity to NYC, DC, Virginia, etc. I hate the billions of people who live in this small state, the high property taxes and the high car insurance premiums. I especially hate the people who come to the state once in their life and think the whole State consists of the Jersey Turnpike and the refineries in Newark. But my cyber sister Zed, took care of this today, bless her heart.

I love that my best friend lives here and that I can’t leave her. I love that I have some family in the area as well as some other friends. But I love most of all that a job is just a job to me and I shouldn’t move 1000 miles away to maybe get a better job in the field that I just got my degree in.

There seem to be more jobs in this area, more so than the Orlando area, and my professor at school has contacts in this area that would better my chances at finding a job. If I moved to the Orlando area the only person I would know is my friend G, who works in the film industry. He has crazy hours and I would never see him so what’s the point of moving? To be by myself most of the time?

So I’ve decided to stay, dear friends. This State can’t get rid of me that easy. I’m still selling my house and moving closer to my best friend C who lives in the Collingswood area. I’ve lived in this town since I was about 6 and it’s time to move on, in more ways than one. So wish me luck and gods speed.



  1. C said,

    Good luck. I know the feeling. My whole family is in California and I feel lonely here in Georgia.

  2. Charlie Blockhead said,

    Good for you!!! I’ve lived in the same town for 31 years and will never live anywhere else.

  3. Doctor Mom said,

    Congratulations Teri!

    It’s really difficult to feel so pulled… but it’s always relationships that bind us.

  4. scarlet said,

    Not moving?? Oh great. I had already planned a huge fake tupperware order in your name & address that i “needed to collect”….

    anyone for stale cake??

  5. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Oh man…we need some more cool people in Florida. Sure we can’t change your mind?

  6. Renee said,

    Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this and made a good decision. Good luck!

  7. Zed said,

    I’m so happy you’re staying in Jersey! Yea!!!!

    Florida is Palmetto bugs and geckos (and 90-year-olds, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Sounds like a good idea to stay, Teri. I’m glad if I added even one iota to your decision. That makes me feel good and made yesterday a very worthwhile day.

    your cyber sister, Zed

  8. Dick Small said,

    So you sacrificed pursuing your dream to settle comfortably into the familiar…. you may regret that someday. Are you scared? Or is it really the best decision? Someday if you wonder what could have been??? hmmmm..

  9. Zed said,

    Sorry, I disagree. A move to Europe? Go, Teri, go. A move to California? Go for it! Florida? It’s a nice place to visit grandparents, but I’d hate to have to see you beat off alligators, Palmetto bugs, and other assorted pests … New Jersey and You Are Perfect Together… 🙂

    It’s still possible to pursue your dream without moving to oldpeopleland, Teri. You’re not giving up the dream you chose to pursue, and you shouldn’t. You’re just thinking of another way to achieve it.

  10. Teri said,

    C – thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I hate to be away from my people, it makes me very sad.

    Charlie – I’m learning that I love this place too.

    Dr. Mom – thanks for the encouragement.

    Scarlet – Sorry! It’s the thought that counts though, so THANKS for the thought. I’ll eat stale cake.

    Mr. Fab – Sorry but all the cool people reside in this neck of the woods and are NOT allowed to leave. You might think about making the move to the Jersey area with the rest of the cool folks.

    Renee – thanks!

    Zed – yeah between the hurricanes, the giant bugs and the humidity it was making it more difficult to decide.

    Dick – honestly, my dream at the moment is to get married and have a kid or two. Since I’m 40 I’m not gettin any younger. Sorry to bring up such bad memories of your deceased wives, though!

  11. Jen said,

    Florida has HUGE bugs
    and it’s 900 degrees EVERYDAY
    you’re better off in NJ

  12. Teri said,


    that’s what Zed keeps saying.

  13. Jen said,

    Oh yeah!
    I missed that

    wow Zed was right about something
    Who’d a thunk it!!


    just kidding

  14. Zed said,

    hey, hey, hey. 🙂

  15. "that girl" said,

    well, i should tell you that the the little high strung child, C, was worried about you moving there becuase of the hurricanes!! she kept asking me if you were there yet because she kept hearing about hurricanes on the news. she was relieved when i told her you weren’t moving. =)

  16. Teri said,

    T, yeah, mom told me the kids were happy I wasn’t going. I was actually surprised that they connected me with any other state to be quite honest. didn’t think they thought about it.

  17. Mainline Mom said,

    Yay! Go Philly!

  18. Caloden said,

    It’s nice to live in a place where you have a history. So few people have that. It sounds like you love it there. Yay for you and a good decision. 🙂

  19. Anil P said,

    A Stitch in time saves nine 🙂

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