City of Brotherly Love, yeah right!

September 23, 2006 at 6:00 pm (Uncategorized)

A co-worker and I got into a conversation the other day about Philadelphia and its people. We’ve come to the conclusion that people in this area are not nice, in fact, they are downright nasty and rude. Now this does not include all people, obviously. I think alot of people are nice but when they are doing every day tasks like driving, commuting to work and just dealing with alot of people in general, they get downright MEAN!

I try my very best to always be aware of the people around me and what is going on. I always say “Thank You”, “Please”, etc. There are other people who just get into their own head, their own world and stop being considerate human beings. I think if we stay aware, because there are so many people around us, then we can continue to be nice, rudeless people. I would hope.

For example, I HATE when I hold the door open for someone and they can’t say thank you. I HATE when someone CAN’T hold the door open for me even though I’m two feet behind them. I HATE being cut off, whether it be on the sidewalk or on the road, because someone thinks they are so much more important than everyone else.

This co-worker is from the Wisconsin/Chicago area and has had discussions with other “transient” folks in our area about the fact that Philly is full of HATE and not LOVE. They said the Manhattanites are way more friendly then Philly and there are millions of people on that island.

What is wrong with the folks in Philly?

Does this happen to other folks in other parts of the globe?



  1. Mr. Fabulous said,

    I think it is pretty well known that people in Philadelphia suck.

    But…I guess the Chamber of Commerce figured that “City of Brotherly Love” sounded better than “City of Super-Nasty Fuckballs”

  2. JavaJabber said,

    I hate to say it, but I think it’s all over the place.

    We lived in CA for 30+ years. You would think that being such a laid-back, fun place the people would be more open and friendly because it’s such a fun place to live. Not so.

    When we moved to PA about 5 years ago, we were hoping to enjoy some of that farm country congeniality … we thought that once we moved into a smaller community that the neighbors would be at our front door with a welcome basket or at least introduce themselves. Not so.

    I know it’s not us. We’re extremely friendly folks. Maybe it has something to do with people just not trusting other people or something. I don’t know.

    Gone are the days when you could leave your house unlocked, your windows open when you sleep at night.

    Such a shame.

  3. Charlie Blockhead said,

    Alabama is the same. We recently took 2 loads of furniture across town in a pickup. The other drivers on the road were horrible. If they weren’t driving on my bumper where I couldn’t see them, they were trying to cut me off cause I was going so slow. Not to mention the dirty looks and the number of times we were told we were number 1.

  4. Sans Pantaloons said,

    My personal philosophy is Here

  5. "that girl" said,

    ok, you’re my sister and i love you, but sometimes, i wonder….???!!! HEHEHEHE!!! you’ve never heard that said before on movies and such?? usually it’s new york, new jersey and philly. people are rude, mean, talk to fast, curse too much. maybe it’s cause you’ve always lived there. but actually it’s any big metro area, people here can be the same way though and those other small towns i’ve lived in have been different

  6. "that girl" said,

    oh, and i think “City of Super-Nasty Fuckballs” is a pretty good analogy to apply across the board!!

  7. scarlet said,

    For years I worked as a manager in a supermarket. This made me a natural target for rude “phuckstick” customers who would demand answers to any questions that crossed their minds. Very very rarely did any question start with “excuse me” or “hello” or even “Can you please help me?”

    No, it was just a demand spat out with venom. “Where’s the sugar?” “Why dont you have the peppermint one?” And they didn’t care if you were up a ladder or talking to a rep.

    After a while I developed a technique of looking at them, saying “Hello, (wait 10 seconds) did you need some assistance?”. It didn’t stop the rudeness, only a smack with a baseball bat would!

  8. Teri said,

    Thanks for all the comments, it helps me to know that I don’t live in the worst place on the planet. although I think we need to start a support group…

    This pretty much covers it:

    “City of Super-Nasty Fuckballs”


    “It didn’t stop the rudeness, only a smack with a baseball bat would”

  9. Renee said,

    People are generally pretty polite and friendly here in La. I lived in NYC one summer and actually found most of the people there to be really nice too. Of course, anywhere you go, you run into rude ones, but for the most part . .

  10. Lori said,

    I agree–NYers have nothing on Philadelphians, with respect to bad manners and bad attitudes. Or is it “addytoods?”

    I am stuck on 422 Westbound every single stinking day on the way home from work. If you ever listen to KYW, you know that 422 is one of the area’s worst highways. The people who drive on 422 are the biggest bunch of assholes I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness. No one lets anyone into the line of traffic; no one gives even the most cursory wave of gratitude, or even mere acknowledgement, when you let them into traffic in front of you.

    Bastards. I was thinking about blogging on this last week. It’s a good thing I don’t own a gun. Because I’d be in jail right now after shooting down a bunch of these jerks from 422.

  11. mixednut said,

    Been to Philly twice. There’s something about that I like.
    I’ve always known it as the the City of Brotherly Shove.

  12. Jen said,

    Rhode Island
    is FULL of rotten
    people… so you
    are not alone!

  13. Doctor Mom said,

    Yes, Minnesota Nice is an oxymoron!

    Being that I am in the profession I am, I have tended to be a people person. I hold doors open, etc.,

    It makes me crazy that I can hold a door open for one person, and 12 come piling through like I was hired to stand there and hold the door for them.

    Nasty people are probably the one reason why I actually left acute care– the expectations and negative responses began to outweigh even the most intimate personal reward.

  14. Mainline Mom said,

    Bite your tongue, woman! I have traveled this country and there are plenty of worse places than Philly. New Englanders, for one, are especially discourteous.

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