Home for Sale – After

September 29, 2006 at 12:45 am (Uncategorized)

Here are the after pictures. I’ve done alot to this house in the eight years that I’ve been here and with the fact that the housing prices are up a little higher in my area I’m able to sell my house for a little more than $50,000 more than I bought it. Woo Hoo!

In the kitchen on one wall were 12 x 12 1970’s funky mirrors, which I removed. On the other wall was 1970’s paneling which was removed. My friend, Brian, put up bead board on both walls, floor trim and trim around the bead board. He also did all the floor trim on the first floor, put in the pedestal sink and medicine cabinet in the downstairs bathroom and painted the hallway leading up the stairs. The kitchen, unfortunately, is still the same 1970’s look as I had no money to replace it, nor did I want to knowing that I was selling the house.

Here is a list of improvements overall:

1. new siding
2. attic fan
3. new carpeting (living room, steps, upstairs hall and bedrooms)
4. laminate floor (kitchen, hallway, downstairs bathroom, entry)
5. bead board (kitchen)
6. new floor trim (kitchen, living room, entry and hall)
7. new pedestel sink, medicine cabinet, light fixture (downstairs bathroom)
8. new bathroom (upstairs)
9. new central air unit
10. new fence (front yard)
11. new gutters
12. new front door

downstairs bathroom

living room



front door/entry



  1. Anonymous said,

    Nice place. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time selling it.

    Just one thing: this is the second picture where I can’t see the living room. Does it have enough lighting in it? Sorry, just trying to help…

  2. Rob said,

    The house looks great… Good job on the improvements!

    Thanks for the visit and comment the other day. I just wanted to drop by and say hello 🙂

  3. Teri said,

    the living room does not have enough light probably for a picture, sorry. I’m surprised it comes up so dark on your end though. It’s not that dark for me.

    Rob, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Jen said,

    Good job Teri!
    Looks great

    I hope we get to see pics
    of the new house too


  5. Anil P said,

    Very neat.

  6. Matrishka said,

    Wow, what a difference!

    It looks great!

  7. Anonymous said,

    Very nice, Teri. Is it a townhouse?

  8. Teri said,

    Thanks for all your responses, it makes me feel good that I’ve put so much into the house and it’s paying off.

    Dick, yep, a townhouse. I tried posting a picture of the front of the house yesterday but blogger was having none of that and wouldn’t let me.

  9. Doctor Mom said,

    Hey Teri– If you put that much work into your home, you deserve the profit and a little more!

    It looks beautiful! I hope it sells quickly for you!

    Be careful of giving Dick too much information though… he’s likely to purchase it from you and finesse his way out of $50,000 in closing costs, additional maintenance etc.,

  10. Anonymous said,

    … also let me know the address, your checking account number and routing number, as well as your PIN and social security number and your mother’s maiden name. Thanks!

    P.S. Nothing to be concerned about, I’m just “updating” my address book. Thanks again!

  11. Anonymous said,

    … actually, just the last 4 digits of your SSN would be sufficient. I’ll be waiting…

  12. Teri said,

    Dick, you can’t have any of that, so just stop it. : )

  13. Anonymous said,

    Beautiful! Good luck with the house sale!

    I found your site through Mainline mom, I live in the Philadelphia area as well.

  14. Teri said,

    Thanks for stopping by TBG. I know you’re a friend of Mainline Mom’s and have seen her postings of your visits.

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