Love of Music

October 2, 2006 at 2:10 am (Uncategorized)

I’m a lover of music. It’s my happy place in life and I can usually tell you what memory or where I was when a specific song was playing that I really enjoyed.

I recently got the Maroon 5 cd, Songs About Jane. I have to honestly say I love the whole album. I don’t get to say that alot about an album and considering this is their first I am highly impressed. You can listen to some songs here and here. I really like their sound and I like the fact that they don’t sound like anyone else.

Recently, my friend Brian, introduced me to a band he used to listen to in the late 80’s and early 90’s, The Sundays.

The Sundays are a wonderful band hailing out of Manchester, England. The quartet was originally a duo; David and Harriet met while at university in Bristol. “Staying up late, talking a complete load of bullocks, it was great” says Harriet. Both began writing songs while at university and continued after graduating. The two brought friends Paul Brindley, bassist, and drummer Patrick Hannan on board, and the Sundays were born. By just their second show, critics and industry insiders had labeled the band the “next big thing” and the Sundays found themselves deluged with record offers. They eventually signed with Rough Trade records, home of indie legends The Smiths.

I really like their sound. I just bought two of their cd’s, Blind and Reading, Writing & Arithmetic. You can listen here, here and here. To me they have a pretty upbeat sound and are soothing to listen to.

Another one of my favorites is Michelle Branch. Does anyone remember or listen to her? I got her cd, The Spirit Room. This is another album I can listen to from beginning to end. It’s a poppy sound but all the songs are really good and catchy. Her album, Hotel Paper, is also good. Here are two songs from The Spirit Room (here and here) and here are a few from Hotel Paper (here and here). I also like the fact that she writes all her own music. She is presently collaborating with country singer, Jessica Harp, and they formed the duo of The Wreckers.

Is there a band or singer that has an entire album that you love? Could you listen to this band or singer more than once in one sitting?



  1. Mainline Mom said,

    Best Sunday’s song…Here’s Where the Story Ends….LOVE the Sundays

  2. mixednut said,

    Ditto on the Sundays.
    Soothing and happy all at once.

    The Chameleons – What Does Anything Mean Basically?

    Never. Gets. Old.

  3. Charlie Blockhead said,

    Song for Jane is a pretty good one. The first eight songs are amazing.

    ColdPlay is by far my fav though. I never understood how people were willing to give up entire years following the Greatful Dead or U2. There is just something about ColdPlay that makes you feel like you are writing the lyrics yourself.

  4. Teri said,

    Mixed Nut – I will give the Chameleons a listen to.

    Charlie – I’m starting to get into Cold Play more but I will definitely make more of an effort to listen to more of their music.

  5. Lori said,

    I really like Maroon 5, too. Looooove Adam Levine’s tenor. Love it. But I don’t admit my love of M5 too often, because they’re one of those bands that many people sort of look down on as too poppy and not cool enough. Bah! I say.

    The one album I could listen to over and over again, all the way through, is The Diary of Alicia Keys. She is so talented. Plus it’s fun to sing along to that album. I listen to that album when I’m feeling introspective.

    I could also listen to Confessions on a Dancefloor (Madonna’s latest) over and over again because I love to shake my ass, and that album certainly gets me moving.

  6. Grant Miller said,

    That first Sundsays album is pretty nice. I sold back the others though.

  7. QUASAR9 said,

    Hi fetish girlfrom New Jersey now living in Philli

  8. Doctor Mom said,

    Hey Teri–
    I love Maroon 5!
    I have only heard Michele Branch with Santana.
    I’ll heed your recommendation and listen!

  9. Doctor Mom said,

    See Teri–
    He’s here too!! That Secret Agent is in EVERYONE’s blog…. he cannot seem to find out where he belongs… he has no home, he just lurks around blogs, bushes, and gas meters.

    You should see the raucus he has created in Cul-de-Sac, what with not having a home, or even a cardboard box for that matter!

  10. Anonymous said,

    I believe in Leprechauns. And Unicorns. Don’t know where that fits in to all of this, but I’m a believer.

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