Happy Birthday, Dear Sister

October 20, 2006 at 4:00 am (Uncategorized)

Today is your birthday, you are 36 years old. Can you believe it? I’ve come to the realization that I still think of you as a teenager because, being almost 5 years older, we were off doing our own things right before you moved to Arizona with mom. Although I try to visit every year, it tends not to happen as often as I would like and sometimes it seems that time stands still. You have come a long way in life. You have given me a beautiful niece and nephew and I feel that we have become a little closer as sisters.

Always know that I am here for you. I hate seeing you in pain and hurt from other people and their abuse of you. There are times when I wish not to hear the stories over again but I would never tell you to not tell me. They are just painful to hear.

Have a great birthday as you start your new life with new beginnings. I’m glad mom is there for support since I cannot physically be. I love you and wish you the best, always.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Happy birthday to Teri’s sister!!

    There will never be a relationship the same as the one you will have with your sister. Ever. You might fight silly fights, disagree, compete, all that silly stuff, but the love that you share is really unique.

    It was only in the last three years before my sister died in 2004 that I realized just how connected we were and what a bond we had.

    Anyway, enjoy the day and your sister, both of you!

  2. Sans Pantaloons said,

    Happy Birthday Teri’s Sister.
    Have a great day!

  3. kattbanjo said,

    Happy birthday!

  4. Doctor Mom said,

    Look at that 80’s Hair!!!

    What a hoot!

    Happy Birthday to Teri’s Sister!!

  5. Mel said,

    OH man I am late again! OH well, I hope she had happy birthday and I am sending belated wishes!

  6. Anonymous said,

    Um, Doctor, that picture was taken last year. I must say Teri’s sister is VERY offended at your unintended slight concerning the hair. Teri told me. I hope you’re happy. Have a nice day.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Actually, Teri, all kidding aside, your sister looks ALOT like one of the people I hung out with when i skipped classes in high school. About 16 of us. She looks like one cool chick.

  8. Teri said,

    Dick – she was one cool chick. always had all the friends and was NOT as shy as I was. what a bitch! she graduated in 1990, had a bit of trouble in 9th grade, she should have graduated in 1989. therefore, she does unfortunately have that 80’s hair that Dr. Mom speaks of.

    You skipped classes? that’s just crazy talk. is that the requirement for becoming a politician? skipping classes, getting caught smoking a doobie, etc.?

  9. scarlet said,

    Happy Birthday to Teri’s Sis.

    Teri, thanks for blogging that, was nice to see closeness in a family. Hugs for you and sis.

  10. Doctor Mom said,

    My hair was bigger though!

    3/4 of a can of MegaStiff Spray daily!

  11. Anonymous said,

    In the mid to latter 80’s, when I was a teenager (just out of high school) my hair was MUCH longer. One morning I put mousse in it then left for work with my hair still wet and filled with mousse. I rode in my car with my window open. I could feel the wind drawing my hair out the window and blowing my hair around. I liked the feeling of the wind drawing my hair out the window and blowing my hair around. When I got to work, apparantly the wind had dried and set the left side of my hair straight up and out. Man, THAT was humiliating. To this day I don’t like to talk about it.

  12. Anonymous said,

    Happy birthday Teri’s sister! Sisters are very special.

    My mom found a gift I gave my sister, which I have. It says Sisters are treasures of the heart.

    Don’t forget it.

  13. Anonymous said,

    Well, Lynda, you didn’t have to grow up with my sister Gladys. “treasures of the heart”,,, HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! Yeah, right.

  14. Anonymous said,

    KIDDING, Gladys! TOTALLY!!!

  15. "that girl" said,

    i’m disowning you!!! i can’t beleive you put that freakin picture on here!! i mean come on i think burned all the ones that i had!! jeez!!! (and sorry i haven’t been on here to notice it until now … been a little busy … and i think i have a good excuse … i do don’t i??)

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