More Genealogy Tips (can you stand it)

November 9, 2006 at 2:32 am (Uncategorized)

Like Amy over at Mish Mash I’ve got nothin to say. So I’m gonna give you more genealogy tips. I know some of you were waiting patiently for more tips, so here they are:

There are some really good message boards and mailing lists that help with your research. You can post messages regarding your family, items you’re looking for, etc. on both the message boards and mailing lists. There are surname boards/lists and state/county boards/lists. The two that are used most often are and Rootsweb has both the boards and the mailing lists and has just message boards. They are free and cover many areas that you can post messages to.

Sushiboy reminded me that your local library is a good resource as well. Alot of their services are free and they are getting more into the genealogy department. Some libraries have census information on microfilm and other important resources. Most libraries also participate in the “Inter-library loan” program. For example, I needed a book that I knew a library in Clinton County, Illinois had. I went to my local library and they helped me put in a request for this book through the loan process. Within a couple of weeks they got the book and I was able to check it out and keep it for a few weeks.

Sonia, over at and the pursuit of happiness wants to find out about old records and how to research them. Each State has a state Archives, most of the time. These Archives have original records when the State was in its infant stage and most of the records are on microfilm. For example, one of my ancestors, luckily, lived in the Salem County, NJ/New Castle County, DE area back around 1800-1819. His parents lived in Brandywine Hundred, DE which is in New Castle County but on the border of PA and DE. I have been to the Archives in Dover, Delaware looking up information on this family. I found Revolutionary War documents (original and book copies) on a person I believe to be my ancestor’s father. Archives are great for having these kinds of records. The Archives are free and open to the public. They charge you for copies and that’s pretty much about it. I would HIGHLY recommend a trip to the Archives in the State that your ancestor lived. The kinds of documents that they have are war, land, tax and estate (wills, etc.) documents, to name a few.

Historical and Genealogical Societies are also good for researching older documents but the Archives would have more resources. Plan to use all of these resources you never know what you might find.



  1. Mr. Fabulous said,

    I would like to trace my genealogy, but I raised by wolves.

    Wolves keep very poor records.

  2. Sunshine said,

    Are there any good reference books you recommend that offer a cohesive and straigtforward approach to researching and organzing family records?? There are so many books out there, I was wondering if you’d found any worth the price.
    I will keep noting the information you offer up too, though. In some lines, I’m back to where people were in England and France, etc. That’s gonna get tricky too!

  3. Bob Hartman said,

    FTJ, please take a look at the old Cape May scene I’ve posted on my blog. Family Papers and Postcards

    thank you.

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