Enough Is Enough

November 11, 2006 at 4:04 pm (Uncategorized)

There once was a girl and a boy who met, fell in love and got married. Over their almost 13 years of marriage they had two lovely children, a nice house and two descent careers.

The man, unfortunately, had high blood pressure and eventually learned he probably had ADD and was possibly bi-polar from the ADD not being diagnosed at an earlier age. Since the man had these issues, he was extremely stubborn and decided he didn’t need help, medication or ongoing doctor visits. He was always:

1. berating his wife
2. accusing her of having an affair
3. having mood swings every other second
4. throwing things
5. breaking things, continually
6. never completing projects
7. telling the children that their mother was worthless
8. telling the children that their mother was leaving him
9. never able to follow directions in putting items together
10. blaming everyone else for the problems
11. spent money like they had 10 money trees growing in their yard

After almost 13 years of marriage the woman had enough and decided to leave her man. What would you have done?

How would you handle the marriage?
Stay, because you love him SO muchLeave, because you HATE him so muchLeave and save your sanityStay for the kidsKill him, bury the body and tell his family that he ran away from home

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  1. Anonymous said,

    I’m sorry if this is you, Teri.

    Sounds like my dad. Haven’t spoken to him in years. His choice.

    You can only do so much…

  2. Teri said,

    Amy, not me but someone I love dearly. I’m not married or have had the opportunity of kids yet.

  3. Mr. Fabulous said,

    I am sorry for your friend. What an awful situation.

  4. Sans Pantaloons said,

    We all have expectations in life.
    Unfortunately love and happiness are nomadic cousins who pop in and out of peoples lives on a whim. We are as ships, sailing on an ocean of chance. If we can stay afloat, we have succeeded.

  5. Anonymous said,

    I voted to have him killed. Unfortunately it “seems” that I am in the minority. Well, maybe someday you’ll all see that I’m right..

  6. Sunshine said,

    There’s a couple more options I wish you had up there.
    -Stay but on condition he gets mental and physical treatment
    -Leave and take the kids with you.

    I would vote for something along those lines.

  7. Teri said,

    Dick – I figured you would choose that one.

    Sonia – unfortunately, the “stay and get help” option has been going on for the past 6+ years. The only way he’ll get help is if she makes the doctors appointment and even then it’s not a guarantee that he’ll go. He doesn’t think he has the problem, everyone else is to blame.

    she did take the kids with her.

  8. Teri said,

    Dick – forgot to add that I would have chosen that one as well but I would have gotten into more trouble than you. they know where I live.

  9. Sunshine said,

    OK, I’m voting for leave and take kids with option then.

  10. Anonymous said,

    Well it’s re-assuring to see that more of you are seeing the value of the “kill” option. I voted kill again, and now we’re 40% and growing! I knew you’d all see it my way eventually. I feel all happy inside, really. You’re GREAT!

  11. Anonymous said,

    … well for cold-blooded killers, that is.

  12. Anonymous said,

    If he isn’t willing to change and treat her like a human being, she shouldn’t feel bound to stay. Men have wedding vows too. To have and to hold. To love and to keep etc… this guy wasn’t holding up his end of the house. I think she did the right thing for her and her kids.

  13. "that girl" said,

    you know what my vote is, but i do like, the kill him and bury him in the backyard idea … pretty damn funny



  14. Anonymous said,

    Damn, down to 33%. What’s WRONG with you people??? I’m outta here.

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