What the HELL???

November 21, 2006 at 12:30 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, for those of you who know who my crush is, what is THIS about???? He promised me I would be next. Men, they all lie.

Blooming relationship: Orlando and Kirsten have been seeing each other for more than a month. Orlando Bloom has found new love in the arms of Marie Antoinette star Kirsten Dunst. The couple have been seeing each other for more than a month after becoming “close” on the set of Elizabethtown, released last year. It had taken more than a year for the romance to develop as Orlando, 29, was still dating Superman star Kate Bosworth, 23, and Kirsten was in an on/off relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.They became good friends on the set of the film, made in Kentucky, but at the time Kirsten, 24, denied any romance, saying: “If you’re alluding to whether Orlando and I got together then that’s a no. No.” But last week they were spotted all over each other in Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont. We’re told: “Kate and Orlando are definitely more than just good friends now. “They were kissing and cuddling in the corner of the lobby bar and didn’t seem to care who saw them. They even stayed past closing time because they were enjoying each other’s company.” The Chateau Marmont is not the place to go if you want to keep a blossoming romance under wraps, one source tells us, adding: “It’s like coming out without actually issuing a statement.”



  1. Anonymous said,

    She’s soooo ugly!! I’m sure he’ll come to his senses and keep his promise someday

  2. Sunshine said,

    I have Orlando lust too. She’s a vampire, ew.
    OK, yes, I’m bitter.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Why is Kirsten posing with a block of wood?

  4. Anonymous said,

    Teri, if you’d like I can “take care of her”. I have a few former “business partners” who owe me some “favors”. Let me know, and it’ll be done today!

  5. Anonymous said,

    Although I don’t see what all the fuss is about that guy. He’s nowhere near as handsome and verile and masculine as my Nick.

  6. Teri said,

    Charlie – I personally don’t have anything against her, even though I’ve heard some negative things about her. But she needs to keep her hands to herself, HE’S MINE!

    Sunshine – great minds think alike.

    Scarlet – bite your tongue, he’s not a block of wood.

    Dick – I might take you up on this offer. I’ll let you know by the end of the day. Nick is in his own category, I understand this. Orlando just does something to me that Nick doesn’t….*sigh*

  7. mixednut said,

    Kirstin’s got nothing on you Teri!

  8. Cayman said,

    I’m sure it won’t last long. She’s too much of a mess.

  9. Anonymous said,

    My sincerest condolances!

  10. Grant Miller said,

    Thank you for posting a picture of Kirsten Dunst.

  11. Doctor Mom said,

    What happened to What’s Her Toes?

    Man, I have a longer lunch hour than some of those Hollywood relationships

  12. Mr. Fabulous said,

    He’ll come to his senses! Don’t despair!

  13. Anonymous said,

    Kirsten told me I would be next, too!

    Let’s get them!!!

  14. Freak Magnet said,

    That woman needs braces. That’s all I have to say about that.

  15. Lori said,

    Damn that elf!

    Don’t feel too bad about Dr. Sunken Tits (which is an anagram of Kirsten Dunst’s name–I learned this on Fametracker). She’s just a dippy cokehead anyway.

    Have a happy T-giving!

  16. Anonymous said,

    LMAO @ Dr. Sunken Tits!!

  17. Jen said,

    Why the hell is he with that
    snaggle toothed skank??

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