Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

December 9, 2006 at 1:28 am (Uncategorized)

This bit of classic tv is on as I’m typing this. This is partly for Jen over at Casual Slack since she loves this show so much and part of it is for the nostalgia. Did you know this show was made in 1964? I had no idea. Enjoy the clip.

OR if you prefer Abominable, try this.

AND here is a non PG version of “A Year Without Santa”. Watch it, it’s funny!

Beware of the land of “misfit sex toys”…



  1. Freak Magnet said,

    I have this on DVD. I get drunk and watch it at least once a year. I also have the Martin Scorsese (however you spell his name – he wrote The Godfather, among other things). I can email it to you, if you like. It’s hilarious.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Wow, I have not seen that for like….20 years???

  3. Jen said,

    Thanks Teri!

    I watched it on Saturday

    timeless classic!

  4. Anonymous said,

    Wow… Sha na na. I totally forgot about those guys!

    That was hilarious!

  5. Anonymous said,

    I love those old christmas specials. My wife for some reason hates all of them as though they are creepy. Bah humbug. Shes from a younger generation, like smurf christmas or something.

  6. Rhea said,

    I was a wee one when the Rudolph show was created. I was 6.

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