Understanding the Aussie’s

January 2, 2007 at 7:01 pm (Uncategorized)

This post is for Scarlet. I found this little article on CNN.com and figured I’d post it since I have trouble figuring out some of those Aussie terms. Enjoy!



  1. Grant Miller said,

    A good friend of mine is Australian. I usually just nod my head when he doesn’t make sense.

  2. teri said,

    Me too, Grant! But sometimes I hate that because you come off looking stupid at some point. Maybe it’s just better to ask for a dictionary and look up each word as they’re speaking?

  3. Scarlet said,

    Whadda ya mean ya dont understand us? What are ya? A nong?

    Another good slang site is

    Hahaha Look up..
    Bee’s Dick, Arse -licker, Nong, Dicky, Good on Ya….and Feed The Chooks. (yes, these terms are very very commonly used)

    And for the record: I disagree with the proposed test changes. I WANT cultural diversity, not some Borat type Aussie-wanna-be!! A many brightly jewelled country, if I want everyone the same I’ll move to……Iceland.

    Phew! I need to “have a slash” then get another drink from the “Box o’ Toxic” (cheap as shit wine cask)

  4. Anonymous said,

    WOW, did you notice how many of the slang terms refered to drinking or how to recover from too much drinking? Perhaps they drink a lot in Australia???
    That and fight.

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