Lovely Day for House Hunting

January 6, 2007 at 11:19 pm (Uncategorized)

It was a fabulous day today. The weather was a warm 74 degrees, sunny, with a bit of wind kicking up now and again.

Okay folks, it was 74 degrees today in sunny South Jersey. The average temperature for this time of year is 40 degrees. I keep hearing that it’s El Nino. Whatever. I think it’s global warming because I don’t think we’ve ever had a mild winter like this. Actually, the news last night said the last time we had today’s weather, in January, was back in 1870 something. Great! I’m also sorry for those states getting dumped on with all the snow. I’m glad it’s not us but enough is enough with the snow already.

Anyway, it was a lovely day for house hunting. Didn’t have much luck. I wish I made more money so that I could get the kind of house I want but I’ll make due. I think I might make an offer on one of the houses I went to see back in October. It’s still on the market and the price came down, so I’ll keep you posted. I also think I’m gonna post a religious post tomorrow or Monday, so beware. Just wanted to warn you.

As a side note, can I ask you men something? You know the sensitive, more caring men who aren’t into beating their chests, watching non-stop sports 24/7 and are more compassionate about women and people in general? Do you know who I’m talking about? I categorize at least three different types of men. The sport freak, manly men types; the in the middle guys and the more sensitive type of guy. I like the sensitive guys, always have.

My question is this: why do the sensitive guys act 100% like they like you; they give the body language and everything; tell you really personal stuff; get somewhat touchy with you, get all bouncy and happy when you’re around, get that sparkle in their eyes, blah, blah, blah….

But turn around and say “you’re just a friend” OR “that’s just my personality” OR “I really feel comfortable with you”??? Why? And even when the girl’s friends see the body language they think the same exact thing “wow, he likes her”. Not.

Women see this as the man liking them, more than a friend. Is there a class I can take? Cause it’s getting old. Help a girl out here, will ya!



  1. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Maybe they are afraid to take that next step.

    Us sensitive guys don’t like rejection.

  2. Teri said,

    Fab, when Teri makes her feelings known, she still gets the same answers.

    Not sure rejection is involved here, in my situations anyway.

  3. Amy said,

    Good luck with all that, Teri (houses… men…)

  4. Dick Small said,

    Well, Teri, I hate to have to break it to you, but if you have to ask why the “sensitive” guy doesn’t commit, I’m afraid you’re not ready for the truth. He’s not looking for a bed partner, he’s looking to style your hair (if you know what I mean). I’m afraid if you have plans of walking down the aisle one day, you’re gonna have to go with the chest beaters or the “24/7” sports nut. Otherwise you’re looking for apples on an orange tree, my friend.

  5. N said,

    i am ashamed to say i haven’t been he in a long time.

    i suck.

    but your comments always cheer me up and your banter with chad brings a smile to my face.

    happy new year! i’ll be here more often, promise.

  6. Dick Small said,

    “Chad”? Who’s Chad?

  7. teri said,

    Dick, Chad is N’s friend who has his own blog and also comments on N’s blog. N lives in Philly and is one of my Philly favorites that I visit.

  8. mixednut said,

    Can’t help ya there Teri.
    I’m a straight forward type of person.
    If I want to jump your bones, you’ll know it!!

    Nice pic of the art museum btw.

  9. Teri said,

    Mixednut, with the things that I’ve read, I think you’ve hit it on the head.

    even though we women “see the signs”, if they aren’t banging down the door, they’re not thinking of you in that manner. I think we have to focus on this method of forthrightness to not drive ourselves nuts.

    Now, can we make them think of us in that way? That’s the other question.

  10. catacuracha said,

    Don’t know about the man stuff, but this weather is wierd! I’m in the south and am terrified about how many mosquitos we’ll have with no hard feeze to kill the little beasties off! Congrats on the house btw!

  11. Zed said,

    Teri, sis, the weather is downright scarey. If this isn’t global warming, I don’t know what is. Where’s the snow, the ice, the black ice, frost? So weird. See the rain today? That’s supposed to be snow!

    Your question to/about men: I agree with MixedNut. Men make it abundantly clear when they’re interested–you don’t have to guess or look for signs. Many times the “sensitive” ones are just a bit too sensitive, or are just being “nice” as opposed to “interested.”

  12. Chad said,

    The only class you may need to take is “Gaydar 101”. I may just have to post about the signs and characteristics. You may find a sensitive man that likes women, you just may, my guess would be to find a chest beater and bring out the sensitive qualities 🙂

  13. Dick Small said,

    Chad’s right.

  14. Sunshine said,

    Teri, I’m thinking some of the other commenters are right, you keep finding the next partner in shoe shopping…but the straight girl/gay guy relationship is way fun, they NEVER lie to you about how clothes look.

  15. teri said,

    thanks for all the comments, I’ll take them under advisement.


    I’ll not listen to any of you and continue to complain….. : )

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