Religious Post…….you’ve been warned

January 10, 2007 at 11:53 pm (Uncategorized)

I consider myself a non-denominational Protestant. I don’t attend weekly church anymore but I still have my faith. I was a faithful church goer from 1988 until about 1995.

When I was about 5 or 6 I remember, strongly, wanting to read the bible. I’m not sure where this urge came from considering my mother was not a churchgoer and not religious at all. She never spoke of church in fact. When I was 18, one of my Aunts became a “Christian”. I remember asking her tons of questions about God that she was not equipped to answer. I’ve always had the thirst to know more about God and the whole Trinity thing.

Recently, my friend Cindy, gave me the book “Embraced by the Light” by Betty J. Eadie. She has a near death experience and the book tells of her experience beyond this life on Earth. This book really effected me. It gave me a little more hope and helped me to try changing a few negative things in my life at the moment. One of the excerpts from the book that I enjoyed was:

“Why didn’t God give us only one church, one pure religion? The answer came to me with the purest of understanding. Each of us, I was told, is at a different level of spiritual knowledge. All religions upon the earth are necessary because there are people who need what they teach.”

There are more areas of the book that really made me think and want to change some aspects of my life for the better. Supposedly, there are a number of people who have had these near death experiences and have had the same experience away from their body. Very deep and thought provoking.



  1. Groover said,

    Good post! Pop on over to my blog and let mne know if you’ve seen the moive I recommend. I think you might enjoy it.

  2. Zed said,

    I’m sending you an email. 🙂

  3. Dick Small said,

    Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” Sorry Teri, according to the Bible there’s only “one faith, one Lord, one baptism”. I choose to believe the Bible. That’s what I believe in my heart to be true.

  4. catacuracha said,

    Before this last year ,I was a very active member of my church. I sang in the choir, volunteered whenever needed. I was even on the board. The church was very important to me. Over this past year as my life completely fell apart, I turned away. I became angry because I was enduring so much pain and I had always tried so hard to be a good person and Christian. I stopped going altogether. Then recently, I heard someone say “faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted”. It made me realize that this past year has been a test and I had failed it. I realized where I needed to be and have gone back. It is nice to work on feeling whole spiritually again and to see all my freinds that I pushed away in my hurt and anger. They seem happy to have me back in the fold and hold no resentment against me. Sorry such a long comment but your post touched me and I wanted to share.

  5. Chris said,

    You might also enjoy the books of Raymond Moody (Life After Life) and Michael Newton (Journey Of Souls, Destiny Of Souls). I’ve read a lot about this sort of stuff. I think it’s neat.

  6. teri said,

    Groover, I’ll check it out.

    Dick, I know this about you and I like you even more for it. : )

    Cat, I believe that quote. I have a friend who lives it everyday as well. If we were hurt free, it would be boring and we wouldn’t grow spiritually or otherwise.

    Chris, Thanks, I will try them.

  7. Anonymous said,

    and also with you.

    Williams Brother

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