Happy Birthday, Teri!

January 29, 2007 at 6:00 am (Uncategorized)

Hi everyone! This is Teri’s blog letting you know that today is Teri’s birthday. That’s right, on this day back in 1966 the angels starting singing and playing the harp and everyone was rejoicing that the girl was being born……….okay, that really didn’t happen but everyone should get such fanfare on their birthday.

We are having a week long birthday celebration here at Family Tree Junkie and since she’s too busy moving out of her old house and moving into the new one, I figured we could throw a party, trash the place and maybe give her some gifts. What do you say?

Some interesting facts:

Celebrities who share your birthday:
Jonny Lang (1981); Andrew Keegan (1979); Sara Gilbert (1975); Heather Graham (1970); Greg Louganis (1960); Oprah Winfrey (1954); Teresa Teng (1953); Ann Jillian (1950); Tom Selleck (1945); Katharine Ross (1942); John Forsythe (1918); Victor Mature (1913); Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbetter (1885); W.C. Fields (1880); William McKinley (1843)

Top songs of 1966
I’m a Believer by Monkees
The Ballad of the Green Berets by S/Sgt. Barry Sadler
Winchester Cathedral by New Vaudeville Band
Soul and Inspiration by Righteous Brothers
Monday, Monday by The Mama’s & the Papa’s
We Can Work It Out by Beatles
Summer In the City by Lovin’ Spoonful
Cherish by Association
You Can’t Hurry Love by Supremes
Wild Thing by Troggs



  1. Kate said,

    Happy Birthday Teri. You sure are lucky to share your birthday with so many celebrities.
    Have a great celebration. Enjoy.
    Drop into my blog for some unique birthday gift and party ideas.

  2. Scarlet said,

    Happy Birhday Teri. If your pic is correct, you dont look a day over 6.

    Can i ride the pony ..please…please.. Before Sans does!!

  3. Dick Small said,

    Happy birthday, Teri!

  4. Dick Small said,

    Um… what pony? There’s a pony? I’ll check the post again..

  5. mixednut said,

    Happy B-day Teri!
    I call 2nd on the pony!

  6. Rob said,

    So we’re both another year older today, huh? Well happy birthday to you, too!

  7. SushiBoy said,

    Happy Birthday! I brought you a Philly Cheese Steak for your Present. Hopefully it reminds you of Philly, and not of working in Philly!

  8. Sunshine said,

    Happy Birthday….but, where is the gratuitous naked on the bearskin rug baby picture????

  9. Zed said,

    Happy Birthday, Teri! I hope you’re having a great day.

    I’m buying you an original Peter Breugel oil painting (Peasant Wedding) for your big day. This original costs only about $45 million, but you’re my sister, so you’re worth it. Enjoy!

  10. Mel said,

    Happy Birthday wooohooooo!!

    My birthday present is professional movers to pack and unpack everything for the move!!!

  11. Sans Pantaloons said,

    I’m smacking the pony and ready to PARTAY!!! Happy Birthday Teri!!!

    I feel a song coming on….
    All around the bloomin’….

    Aggghh… Scarlet, stop choking me…Aggggahhh….

  12. Nobody said,

    Happy Birthday Teri!

  13. Lori said,

    Happy birthday girlfriend! I hope you’re enjoying your day.

  14. N said,

    for your birthday, did u get one of those books that tells you everything that happened the year you were born?

    you’re an aquarius just like my hubby- no wonder i like you! (or, you’re an “aquarium”, as he likes to call it)

    happy birthday!

  15. Jen said,

    Happy B-DAY Teri

    you rock!

  16. mixednut said,

    Gotcha’ somethin’.
    Hope you like.

  17. Chris said,

    Sorry I missed your birthday, Teri! I hope it was a good one!

  18. Amy said,

    Happy Birthday!!!

  19. teri said,

    Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

    I’m glad everyone had fun with the pony. Hopefully the pony didn’t get lost and that everyone got a turn.

    Sushiboy, thanks for the cheese steak. I love them but don’t eat them alot.

    Sunshine, mom never got a picture of me on the rug. Thank GOD!

    Sis, thanks for the painting. You rock!

    Mel, your birthday present will indeed come true.

    Sans, you crack me up. Hopefully Scarlet didn’t do too much damage to your vocal cords.

    Mixed Nut, I think I love you, well, the present anyway. I LOVE IT!!!

  20. Charlie Blockhead said,

    Happy birthday!!! Thanks so much for always being around to leave me a comment when no one else would. You do a great job and I hope you enjoy your special day.

  21. mixednut said,

    You mentioned your love of the cheesesteak.
    Are you a Geno’s or a Pat’s fan?

  22. teri said,

    mixednut, I’ve never eaten at Gino’s but I’ve eaten at Pat’s. I don’t like the thick meat they use for their steak sandwiches. And the thought of cheesewiz on it makes me want to barf.

    Honestly, the street vendors got it down pat. Thin steak patties with american cheese on a good fresh roll. Yummy!

  23. mixednut said,

    My fave: Jim’s on South St.
    Heaven on a roll.
    Cheesewiz is an abomination.

  24. Teri said,

    I’ll have to see if the place is still there, even though I don’t get to South Street that much.

    you sure you don’t live in the area? you sure have been around.

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