Tax Cuts

February 6, 2007 at 7:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Praise GOD! They will finally give us New Jersey folks a break. Supposedly, Jersey is still the highest in the Nation for property taxes. I’ve been hearing more and more that it’s becoming an epidemic nationwide but Jersey still pays the most. My friend pays $4,900 and mine just went up to $3,500. It ALWAYS goes up every year and along with that our mortgage payments go up. Basically, since the property taxes and mortgages go up every year, eventually it pushes people from their homes because they can’t afford it anymore.

And don’t get me started on the Eminent Domain issue around here……………



  1. SushiBoy said,

    So with the eminent domain in Jersey, the mob just has the goverment take your house from you, (for a waste management site no doubt) instead of going through effort to extort it out of you themselves?

  2. Zed said,

    SushiBoy, you’ve got mob tactics down pat. Are you sure you aren’t from NJ? 🙂

    So today’s Tuesday, Teri–did you move yet? When are you moving?

  3. La Catcuracha said,

    GOOD GRIEF! And I whine because mine is 1500.00. I have six acres and I dont pay near what you pay.


  4. SushiBoy said,

    No I’m not from NJ, I’m not even from Sicily. I’ve just been a wiseguy (well more of a smart aleck) from day one.

  5. teri said,

    Cat, I don’t even think I have 1/2 acre and I pay this much. We had a new high school built about 3 years ago and I believe most of the money goes to that.

    Zed, the moving saga is ongoing. I will post something when it finally ends.

    Sushiboy, yes, the government comes and takes everything and since they’re in with the mob anyway, everone is happy, except the little people.

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