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February 26, 2007 at 4:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Most of you know that I live in a townhome. My building has six homes. We have two phone boxes in the back of our houses, one for every three houses. If there is a phone problem the most likely place is in the phone box. My house and the two houses on the one side of me share the one box and we also have our privacy fences extending well past the recommended boundaries of our properties. Needless to say, the phone box is located in my neighbors back yard and since our fences extend out too far, this poses a potential problem. It is also a law of the borough that you have to have a gate on your back fence, in case of emergency. My neighbor does NOT have a gate. My neighbor and his family are also from Barcelona and don’t speak much English. Do you see where I’m going with this?

During my first settlement process I pushed my phone/internet service a few times and the last time was February 7. So on February 7, since I forgot to call them and cancel the transfer, they cut off my service to my old house. I called them, they turned it back on but my house phone does not ring and I have no internet service. Long story short, they realize that it’s a problem with the outside phone box. The really big problem? My neighbor’s wife does not speak English and he’s only home from work Friday – Sunday and Verizon cannot get into the yard without someone being home. It’s taken me almost 3 weeks to find out this information from my neighbor because my neighbor takes about a week to get back to me when I leave him a note with a simple question. They also do NOT answer their door when I knock.

Moral of this story: please learn English when you live in this country so that you can understand your neighbor and you don’t need an interpretor and please be more courteous to your neighbors when they have a problem with their utilities and they have to depend on you.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and get my internet and phone service back this weekend? What do you think the odds will be? Who thinks I’ll move first before I get my service restored?

I am also reporting them to the borough because they need a back gate due to the law issue and if there are other phone problems, other people should not have to go through the same shit as I.

It’s been a lovely year thus far.



  1. Biddie said,

    Frustrating. My x’s grandma came here from Germany and by the time that I had met her, she had lived here for 40+ years. She could not speak a word of english. Seriously.
    She was here 40+ years and couldn’t speak ONE word.
    Guess what happened? She became disoriented and wandered out into the cold one night, falling in the snow and lying there for (from we could figure) EIGHT hours or so.
    Nobody noticed her missing because she didn’t speak with ANY of her neighbours, and her children/grandchildren all lived in different cities. She couldn’t communicate with the EMT’s when they finally found her, and she spent nearly a week MIA.
    I feel bad about her trauma, but hey, a few words of english, a smile and wave to her neighbours, and this never would have happened the way that it did.

  2. teri said,

    God, Biddie, how sad.

    This is my point as well. Communication is key and if you can’t communicate with people around you, it’s hopeless.

    I think my neighbor just smiles and says “yes” like he understands me. Obviously, he doesn’t.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Sans Pantaloons said,

    Sorry you’re having so much hassle Teri.

  4. teri said,

    Thanks Andy.

    So much is going on in different areas and I’m not used to it. I’ve never had this much drama at one time. I’m usually drama free.

    It’s really freaking me out.

  5. Just Dave said,

    The PC answer to all of this is that all Americans are egocentric racists for refusing to learn to speak Spanish, German, Bosnian or whatever so we can make people welcome in our country. Crap. Folks, we speak English here. I’m tired of billions of my tax dollars being spent to print signs, ballots, etc. in two or more languages. The majority of immigrants who came here in the 19th century learned the language and so can the ones who are coming now. And if that makes me a racist, well, get my white robe from the cleaners.

  6. teri said,

    Thanks, Dave.

    I would love to visit France and Italy and the only thing stopping me is the language barrier. I would learn some of the language before going to either place. I think it’s common courtesy to learn the language, even if you’re visiting.

    Hopefully you won’t have to get the white robe out yet.

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. mixednut said,


  8. teri said,

    very funny, mixednut!

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