Damn, tagged again….

March 20, 2007 at 2:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been tagged by Amy.

List seven songs you are into right now…no matter what they are. BUT…… they must be songs you are presently enjoying.

1. Little Wonders – Rob Thomas
2. I Dare You – Shinedown
3. Wasted – Carrie Underwood
4. Love – The Sundays
5. Nothing to Lose – Matt Kearney
6. Someone That You’re With – Nickelback
7. Angry All The Time – Tim McGraw

These are all songs presently on my ipod shuffle and I hear all the time (excuse some of the videos).

Again, I’m not tagging anyone, if you wish to do it, be my guest.


1 Comment

  1. SushiBoy said,

    So I’m a dork but I liked the Harry Potter video. The song was good too. Nice picks! Mine are up too.

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