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April 21, 2007 at 10:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Jen, sent me some questions because I asked to be “interviewed” by her. Wow, she asks some tough questions and it took me all weekend of thinking about them and the answers to finally come up with this:

1. What single piece of advice has helped you the most in life and who gave it to you? Not advice per se, but my mother always accepts every choice that I have made in my life. That is more powerful to me than any advice someone could give me. She never judges or asks “why aren’t you married yet”. “Why are you moving there and not here”, etc. She simply accepts everything that I do. She has no idea she’s such a powerful force in my life.

2. What was the last thing you purchased for yourself and what do you think you will purchase next? The last thing that I purchased was my house in the town that I dearly wanted to live in. My next purchase will be a furnace for this lovely house.

3. In your humble opinion the Best Invention Ever! is…? The bathroom or better yet, the shower and toilet. Genius!

4. What makes Teri happy? What makes Teri sad? Teri is happy as a clam with a 70 degree, sunny, slightly breezy spring day. With the birds singing, a fairly quiet neighborhood and seeing her neighbors out doing yard work and conversing with one another. It also helps when the boy she’s crushing on is sitting next to her (did I mention that this boy lives a street away, next to my best friend). Life is good.

The thing that makes me most sad is when good, kind hearted people get taken advantage of by mean people…over and over again because the kind hearted people always give their kindness away to anyone, without question.

5. What character on television do you identify with the most? I can honestly say that there is no character on tv that I identify with. Maybe I’m not watching the right programs?

I don’t think I’ll “interview” anyone but if you feel lucky ask me to “interview you” in the comments and I’ll try to come up with some good questions.



  1. Lori said,

    I am so happy that your life is good. Relish it!!

  2. Grant Miller said,

    Have you ever watched “Baywatch?” Good times.

  3. speckledpup said,

    great answers. good questions too.

    enjoyed it, very much.

    Thanks, the pup.

  4. teri said,

    Lori, I will send you some questions tomorrow night. I’ve been in week long training at work and can’t think after I leave.

    Grant, never watched Baywatch. Couldn’t get into it.

    Pup, thanks!

  5. Just Dave said,

    OK, I’m game-interview me if you wish but I can’t answer many questions because of the rules of the witness relocation program.

  6. anne altman said,

    70 degrees: perfect

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