What a week…………..

April 26, 2007 at 11:00 pm (Uncategorized)

We are changing the software we use for our timesheets and billing at work. These are two different software packages but talk to each other when finance runs their weekly/monthly processes. We are changing to Oracle for both processes and the “talking” between the two won’t be an issue anymore and the processes should be easier to handle.

Out of the roughly 40 Admins in my office, I’m one of five that are going through extensive training this whole week. In the end, the five of us will be training the rest of the Admin staff. Some only need to know timesheets and some need to know the billing aspect since they do billing as well as the timesheets. We “go live” after June 18. After that, the five of us will be on hand to answer questions anyone has about the system, which I’m sure will be many. Luckily OR unluckily the only folks who will know all of Oracle will be the Admins. The rest of the “professional” staff will not have access to the software, except for timesheets. They will also have a “go to” team of professionals to help answer questions for us as well as the questions the consultants and other staff members have, so we’ll have a pretty good support team in place for this huge change. They also don’t want us to take vacation for pretty much the whole summer. I hope that thought process changes.

I also have one more Sociology class left and need to do a bunch of stuff for that. My father also wants to see me sometime between May 16 and 20th as he will be in D.C. for whatever reason.

I honestly can’t wait for all the craziness to die down so I can breath. I’m unfortunately one of those people that if they have five things on their mind, even though they don’t have to be done at the same time, the brain gets all jumbled and overwhelmed. Is anyone else like this? I feel like I can’t function if I think of all the items at one time. I need to put everything on a calendar and just cross it off as it passes.

As a silly side note, I found out that I have a lilac tree in my backyard. I almost did a happy dance when I found this out. Ah, the lovely smells that will be hanging around the backyard this summer…………….




  1. Sans Pantaloons said,

    The good thing about Oracle skills is that they are transportable. We had much the same process which we called ‘Train the Trainer’. It’s really cool you have a Lilac tree..

    I lost myself on a cool damp night
    I Gave myself in that misty light
    Was hypnotized by a strange delight
    Under a lilac tree
    I made wine from the lilac tree
    Put my heart in its recipe
    It makes me see what I want to see
    and be what I want to be…

  2. SushiBoy said,

    Lilacs grow prety well out here in the desert. Glad you have one too. Sorry to hear they want to work you to the bone. That sux.

  3. speckledpup said,

    oh a lilac tree…..so friggin jealous.
    will you send me blossoms?

  4. teri said,

    Pup, absolutely I will send you some blossoms. You’ll love them.

  5. Lori said,

    It’s been proven that multitasking is just not as effective as previously thought.

    When things get hectic for me at work (and they often do), I just repeat to myself, over and over again in a Zen-like mental voice, “One thing at a time…one thing at a time…I can only do one thing at a time.”

    That seems to help get me through the chaos.

    Stay calm!!

  6. Just Dave said,

    Writing it down is the right thing to do. It’s amazingly simple just to make a list of all the things you have going on and then cross off importsmy milestones as they get done. I always have 5-8 projects going on with as many different teams and this is the only way I can keep track.

  7. Doctor Mom said,


    Software upgrades, the bain of our existance, it’s both the salt in the wound and forbidden fruit

    We all want it bigger and better, but when we get it, the growing pains are hardly worth the wait!

  8. Amy said,

    I’m just like you. I can only handle so many things in my little brain at once, and I do get overwhelmed if I really think about all that is going on. Usually my meltdowns only last a day or so, though!

    Good luck, Teri!

  9. Grant Miller said,

    I’d love to have a lilac tree in my backyard. Lucky you.

  10. Fantastagirl said,

    I love our lilac trees, and can’t wait for them to bloom this year!

    I’m going through a similar process at work where they are changing our accounting software, right now I am the support person for the old system, and it is hard to believe how many still need help with the old I am fully dreading the new. Good luck!

  11. Doctor Mom said,

    Where did you go?
    You just left a caption and ran?

  12. Charlie Blockhead said,

    Congrats on the tree. If it wasn’t for our backyard I’d go nuts.

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