May 3, 2007 at 11:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Dr. Mom thinks I left town but I’m still here. Last night was my last Sociology class and I am DONE; FINISHED with school. All my major stuff is now FINITO! Now I can concentrate on my genealogy again. And other things! Here is a photo of my lilacs. I’ve been trying to cut off the dead branches so that more growth can come through, although the new growth has started at the base of the bush. (click to enlarge)

When I moved to the new house I decided to try Direct TV instead of greedy Comcast cable. Since I’m still trying to figure out how to use my “favorites” feature so I don’t have to scroll through all the channels, I’ve been seeing alot of shows and channels that I forgot about.

Like this one: at 6:00 p.m. (eastern time) on TVLand, Little House and the Prairie comes on. Now I grew up on this show and I loved it then and still love it now. Every time I’ve caught an episode Charles Ingalls is crying and in turn makes me cry. I forgot how touching this show was. Like one of the last episodes where his son Albert is dieing or the episode where Mary and Adam’s school burns down and their baby dies as well as a neighbor lady who Mary grew up with. Crying. I’ve been crying. **heavy sigh** But I still love this show and plan to catch an episode if I’m home at that time.

Did you know Michael Landon grew up in the town that I live in? His daughter put a bench, dedicated to him, at the park across from the high school that he attended. I’ll have to go down there and find it.


  1. Dick Small said,

    “… where his son Albert is dieing or the episode where Mary and Adam’s school burns down and their baby dies as well as a neighbor lady who Mary grew up with.”…. HAHAHAHAAhahaaahahahaaaa! Man, now THAT’s hysterical!!! Hahahaaahaha!

  2. Teri said,

    you’re an evil, sick man, Dick Small!

  3. SushiBoy said,

    Congrats on finishing your school stuff! We have some lilacs at our new house too. I’ll have to post a picture. It looks like you have a nice sized backyard, especially for a lot in the city.

  4. Nobody™ said,

    I admit it, I often watch Little House on TVLand myself. That and MASH.

  5. teri said,

    Sushiboy, I actually don’t live in the city, just outside about 5 miles.

    Nobody, I knew it and I love MASH as well.

  6. Doctor Mom said,

    Hi Teri!
    Glad to see you’re back!
    So if you’re done with classes, does that mean you have graduated?

    If so, what honor have you earned?

    Whatever the case, congratulations on this milestone!

    I loved Michael Landon, I remember he was one of my first crushes, when he was “Little Joe”

    What a hottie!

  7. teri said,

    Dr. Mom, I actually graduated last May but since I had to take some math classes that the State requires it pushed some of my classes further. I also failed my online Sociology class so of course, I had to take that again.

    I’ve earned my Applied Science in Computer Graphics. Which means I could get a job doing Graphic Design, animation, multimedia, web design, etc.

  8. Grant Miller said,

    Michael Landon – didn’t he beat his kids senseless all the time? or was that Joan Crawford?

  9. teri said,

    Grant, I think that was Joan.

    Dr. Mom, I forgot to mention. If Michael was alive today he would still be a hottie. He would be handsome even if he was 2000 years old.

  10. Doctor Mom said,

    Teri, that is AWESOME!

    I don’t need to tell you how I feel about education. No one can ever take it from you once you have it!


    Michael Landon was a hottie until the day he died, prematurely.

    He might not be such a hottie now though…what with the whole rigormortis thing and bugs and all

  11. Dick Small said,

    Well I must admit I’d rather watch an episode of Little House than The Waltons. Man I hated that show.

  12. Just Dave said,

    Congrats, Teri. Accomplishing a major goal is always satisfying. And that lilac tree is awesome. I bet it smells wonderful.

  13. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Kudos on finishing!

    I never watched Little House. Never will.

  14. Dave said,

    If you cut your lilacs back to the (almost) roots, next year they will grow back twice as strong.

  15. teri said,

    Dave, thanks, I will do this.

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