May 8, 2007 at 3:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Orlando is single and ready to marry me. It’s been nice knowing y’all, I’ll be living the high life from now on…….


  1. Jen said,

    and they lived
    happily ever after…

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    I’m sure you two will have beautiful children together!

  3. Grant Miller said,

    So that’s who that is.

  4. Just Dave said,

    Hey, all you have to do is bump into him, apparently.

  5. cheer34 said,

    Sorry he is all ready taken. Orlando is my boyfriend. As is Vin Diesel, The Rock, Patrick Stewart, Randy Coture, The younger version of Steven Segal, and the guy that plays the Transporter.

  6. teri said,

    Okay, Cheer, we’re gonna have to fight for him. I’m not willing to go quietly….. 🙂

    you can have the rest of them, even though I think Vin Diesel is cute…I can give him up for Orlando.

  7. teri said,

    Dave, yep, I can just bump into him and the whole world will think we’re an item….that’s the easiest first date ever.

  8. cheer34 said,

    I prefer a duel at sunrise. Swords or pistols? I must warn you though, I am an expert swordwomen and a crack shot pistol packing mama, and I always get my man.

  9. cheer34 said,

    PS, what are the names you are researching. I too love genealogy and have done quite a bit of research, maybe we have the same family nameor two.

  10. Teri said,

    Cheer, I’m not good at either of those but I’ve always wanted to try the sword.

    Saturday morning at dawn, be there!

  11. Teri said,



  12. cheer34 said,

    The names are not what I am researching, if I come across any info on them I will let you know.

  13. Orlando Bloom said,

    Hello Teri. Would you like to go for coffee and a chat? We could hold hands…

  14. "that girl" said,

    uuummmm …. too late … he’s already mine!!!!

  15. Scarlet said,

    Is that Pinnochio? Oh no, its that other piece of wood actor. Orlando!

  16. teri said,

    Orlando, you betcha babe. where and when do you want to meet?

  17. teri said,

    That Girl, beat it. I’m the older sister, therefore, he’s mine!

  18. Dick Small said,

    Wasn’t he a member of n’synch, or one of those other pretty boy bands? I bet he has a really high, shrill singing voice also, like Natalie Cole.

  19. Dick Small said,

    …. or Julie Andrews..

  20. teri said,

    hey Dick, thanks for stopping by with your wisdom.

  21. Dick Small said,

    I’m only going by the picture, of course..

  22. Skylers Dad said,

    One last question, with or without Elf ears?

  23. Dick Small said,

    I thought he was a gnome, or a sprite. I didn’t know he was an elf. I don’t think he was a fairy, but he could have been.

  24. Dick Small said,

    … like I said, I’m only going by the picture.

  25. Skylers Dad said,

    Dick: More of a 7-up than a Sprite! Bada boom!

  26. Dick Small said,

    Bada bing!

  27. Dick Small said,

    … also he looks kind of short. Like if he and teri were standing side by side, she’d be about 2 feet taller.

  28. Lynda said,

    It’s about time! I have been putting in good words for you right and left.

  29. teri said,

    Thanks, Lynda. I knew I could count on you.

  30. Dick Small said,

    Orlando’s a great kisser, by the way. Sometimes he just wears me out….

  31. teri said,

    Dick – you wish!

  32. "that girl" said,

    total buzz kill ….

    … looking up at orlando at the ob/gyn …

    … what’s wrong with those people??

    … how dare they ruin my dream like that!!!

  33. Dick Small said,

    Sorry lady, not a wish. A fact. He sent me a dozen long-stem roses and a Thank-You-card last week, by the way. I’m sure this devastates you. Believe me, I “understand”..

  34. Dick Small said,

    … Orlando has the longest tongue, btw…

  35. Dick Small said,

    …. which makes up for his unnaturally short, well, you know…

  36. Cayman said,

    I’ll be your live-in maid for free if you just let me drool over him a little bit each day.

  37. Doctor Mom said,

    Ok, good luck with that!
    BTW– if you see My Johnny Depp, let him know that I’m still waiting too!

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