Water, water, everywhere

May 23, 2007 at 2:02 am (Uncategorized)

So, we had a huge flood at work on Monday. We have water filters attached to the underside of the sinks in our kitchens and we have two kitchens on each floor. Supposedly the water filter pipe burst and flooded the 27th floor of our office. Which trickled down to the 26th floor, where we have our conference center where most of our conferences are held and then it trickled down to the 25th floor which houses Comcast Cable and so on……When I came in Monday morning and since I sit on the 19th floor, all floors from 17 up to 22, which is the elevator bank we use, had to take the freight elevator. I guess this elevator is housed in a different area that wasn’t affected by the water. Although when 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. roll around most of the people come in and the line for the elevator was “knee deep” and took forever to get to your floor.

Some folks seem to think this pipe burst Friday night and not one of the building folks knew about it until Monday morning when people started coming to work and were knee deep in water. Needless to say, the folks on the 27th and 26th floors will not be at work this week and they seem to think that it will take a month to recarpet everything, get the mold people in there to see if there might be mold, etc., etc. This could cost the company millions.

Can I also say that people who were outside the building felt water dripping on them and kept looking up at the building wondering if it was raining or if the window cleaning people were there.

The interesting part? We used to have the 5 gallon jugs of water and the company wanted to save a few bucks and went with the water filters. Yeah, saving a few bucks……..

The other interesting part? About a year ago, the same thing happened on my floor, in the kitchen that is near my desk. Luckily we were still there to turn the water off. It sounded like a water hydrant went off when the pipe burst and the first thing out of my mouth was “OH FUCK”. It seems to be an epidemic with the water filters. I wonder what the company will do about this one?



  1. Lynda said,

    On the bright side, it is better than sewage pouring into your storage room. That happened a place I worked at a few years back.

    Still stinks, though. I like that they were trying to save money. Oh, the irony!

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    Freak people out and start building an Ark!

  3. Sans Pantaloons said,

    The final scenes of ‘Towering Inferno’ popped into my head. . .

  4. Teri aka "Peach Pit" said,

    Sans – me too!

    Skylers Dad – hmmmm, an ark….

    Lynda – you got that right, ICK!

  5. cheer34 said,

    I thought you might like this link. It has nothing to do with your post, but you may find it interesting


  6. Grant Miller said,

    Thank goodness your blog is okay.

  7. Teri aka "Peach Pit" said,

    Grant – a little water was sliding down the sidebar but it seems to have stopped.

  8. Teri aka "Peach Pit" said,

    Cheer – thanks, that’s a great article and hopefully will be helpful soon.

  9. "that girl" said,

    it’s almost memorial day weekend …. bring in everything to make your desk look like you are at a backyard bbq … blow up pool, towels, beach balls, big cups to put drinks in, maybe some tiki torches …. yeah …. people will really think you’ve lost it!!

  10. Just Dave said,

    Just think if this had happened in February. It would have looked like a scene from “Dr. Zhivago”.

  11. mixednut said,

    Kiss your mom with that mouth do ya?

  12. SushiBoy said,

    The all that standing water is good, right? Now Orlando Bloom can sail right out of Pirates into your office building and carry you away.

  13. Teri aka "Peach Pit" said,

    Sushiboy – Finally, someone gets it. 😉

    Mixednut – yes I do and she still loves me in spite of it all.

  14. Doctor Mom said,

    Definitely sounds like a mess and a required one week off for for you for mental pain and emotional suffering.

    Want me to write that down?

  15. Mainline Mom said,

    Sue the water filter company?

    Yes bathing in sewage is much worse, and unfortunately something I have done semi-willingly more than once.

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