A WTF moment

June 8, 2007 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I know everyone has been talking about “her highness” but WTF? Is she on death row and I don’t know about it? Is there a reason for her to be bawling her eyes out?

Was she made to be someone’s bitch in prison? What? Someone fill me in, please.



  1. Skylers Dad said,

    It’s prison for Christs sake! It supposed to be just a little tough!

  2. SushiBoy said,

    Hopefully Paris will be board enough to actually use that head of hers and realize what a sham of a life she has been living. All her lawyers worry that a breakdown would be this aweful thing for her. I think it would be the best thing that could happen.

    It would be good for her to realize that you can’t have any self respect as a Stupid Spoiled Whore, and that people won’t respect you either.

    Maybe she will also realize that driving drunk could kill somone. Sure it could just be one of us poor moneyless folks out here in flyover country.but she could also take out something she cares about when she’s drunk, like that poor miserable little (dog) creature that she dotes on.

    Realizing what a jerk you can be is never an easy thing, when you’ve been a jerk like Paris has I’m sure it would bring on a breakdown. But Paris is in the best place for it. No reporters to record her humiliation and misery. She can break down and recover from this in relative privacy. Just her, the warden and her conscious.

    I say bring on the breakdown, maybe after she would qualify as a human being.

    Wow, what a rant. Sory 🙂

  3. SushiBoy said,

    My link is broke, here it is again. Stupid Spoiled Whore: South Park Episode.

  4. Doctor Mom™ said,

    Paris IS a Stupid Spoiled Ho

    “she looked at her parents and mouthed I love you”

    Yeah, she was hoping daddy moneybags would intervene again

    Something has got to humble this girl and make her respect human beings… I really don’t think she even respects herself

  5. Zed said,

    Sushiboy, I love what you said:
    “All her lawyers worry that a breakdown would be this awful thing for her. I think it would be the best thing that could happen.”

    I totally agree with you. We learn by our failures as well as our successes.

  6. Just Dave said,

    You ever see a three-year-old who didn’t get their way? That’s Paris. She is a completely useless wart on the ass of soceity. Conrad is spinning 5,000 RPM in his grave to think where the money went that he spent his life working his ass off to earn.

  7. Dick Small said,

    Paris is incapable of learning anything from any experience. Wealth does not make class, or character. She’ll always be trash.

    P.s. I just realized, you never hear anything about her sister what’s-her-name.

  8. N said,

    i hate that paris hilton “news” is on cnn, but judging by the extremely passionate comments you have recieved from this post, i guess that’s actually where it should be.


  9. "that girl" said,

    as i’ve said before … people dying of terrible things every day … and this shit is on the news … gimme a fucking break … spoiled little brat … hey here’s an idea … pay me a million dollars and i’ll serve your time for you … and i won’t cry to my mommy!!!

  10. Skittles said,

    This being the top news story for the last several days is crazy!

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