Guess what I did today?

July 14, 2007 at 3:32 am (tattoos)



  1. mixednut said,

    You didn’t!!!

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    Shaved your legs?

  3. Teri said,

    mixednut – YES, I did.

    Dad, that news is not news worthy or worth blogging about. unless you care to know when I shave my legs?

  4. Dick Small said,

    I thought it usually took a few days for the scabs to heal. I was hoping for it to be a little more gross, initially…

  5. Dick Small said,

    Actually dad, Teri doesn’t normally shave her legs. She had to to get the tatoo, but otherwise she lets it grow. Tina told me. Of course she said that if I ever told, she’d deny it.

  6. Skittles said,

    You did??? Really??? You are SO brave!!! I bow before you. 🙂

  7. cheer34 said,

    Did it hurt?

  8. SushiBoy said,

    Ouch, Hope you like it.

  9. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Very nice!

  10. Just Dave said,

    Looks good. It will look better after it ages for a few weeks. Congrats. Now don’t get hooked on the process and start looking like the Illustrated Woman.

  11. Teri said,

    For those of you who asked if it hurt, yes, it did. The only parts that hurt so bad that I verbally said “ow, ow, ow” to were the colored petals of the shamrock. It felt like he was taking the needle, that was embedded in my skin and pushing it up. HURT!

    Yes, I already have plans for another one. I saw a great picture that they had at the store that I want to get.

    I think I might get that one on the top of my foot.

    It’s a vine with leaves shaped in a “C” shape with a butterfly. Very pretty.

  12. Freak Magnet said,

    You’re a better woman than I. I can’t commit to something like that. It looks gorgeous!!

  13. N said,

    Yay Teri!

    Welcome to the tatooed club!

  14. "that girl" said,

    holy shit!!!! you rebel you!!! that’s pretty cool … i like the celtic look … i just posted all of mine and the ones i want to get

    and dick … i think it’s the genes … none of my tattoo’s ever scabbed real bad … hardly at all even

  15. Teri said,

    Tina, so far, no scabs. I’m hopeful.

  16. "that girl" said,

    oh and by the way … i read something that said most women will shave their legs that day if they are expecting to … get some.

    so did you?? get some??

    cause i don’t believe this theory … i shave every other day … and it ain’t workin for me

  17. metalmom said,

    Nice tat! Mine never scabbed. It just flaked up a little like dry skin and that was all. It’s really cool!

  18. Jen said,

    You ROCK!

  19. Dick Small said,

    So Teri, DID you? You know, get some???
    Well, Tina did bring it up first..

  20. Scarlet said,

    Thats a NASTY rash!!

  21. Cayman said,

    It looks beautiful. I wanted one but I chickened out and got a belly ring.

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