Some good music – John Mayer

July 27, 2007 at 12:34 am (John Mayer)

Ever since the concert I’ve been listening to John Mayer a little more. I really like his music and when I went to wikipedia I found some great information on him. He’s so accomplished even at the age of 29 (click on above link).

He’s a cross between soul, funk, alternative, etc. It’s really a great combination. He also has a great website and blog, which I borrowed from Lori and a myspace page, which most of the actors and entertainers have nowadays. I had no idea.

He also cracks me up with his facial expressions when he sings. Must be all that emotion.



  1. Skittles said,

    I think I saw him on The Today Show once and he was really good. 🙂

  2. Grant Miller said,

    He’s in town this weekend with about 100 other guitarists.

  3. Doctor Momâ„¢ said,

    I looked at the links…….but cannot figure out if he’s still dating Jessica Simpson

    I think he was just in it for the booty

    I can’t believe he would see her as a serious relationship….

    But then again, there’s things that really surprise me out there!

  4. Teri said,

    Dr. Mom, I heard he’s no longer seeing Jessica. In fact, I heard Jessica is trying to get Nick back. I wonder if Dick knows?

  5. Lori said,

    I love JM. He’s the thinking woman’s musician. His blog cracks me up.

  6. Teri said,

    Lori, I totally agree with your opinion of JM. I have to read more of his blog I just skimmed it the last time.

  7. Doctor Momâ„¢ said,

    Yet another scandal in Bloggywood

    I just can’t keep up……….

  8. Mel said,

    I am jealous of you getting to see him. He is very talented, I still cant figure out him and jessica. Glad THATS over!

  9. Dick Small said,

    Well, I CAN tell you all this. Now, this is all hearsay, mind you, but I found out, that… oh, I don’t think I should….. sorry.

  10. Dick Small said,

    Forget I even said anything…

  11. Teri said,

    Dick, I know you’ll spill the beans sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time. You can’t help yourself.

  12. Dick Small said,

    No, I promised KFed I wouldn’t say… DAMN! I didn’t mean to let that slip!
    I really shouldn’t say any more. Logging out..

  13. Zed said,

    K-Fed? Really … ?

  14. Freak Magnet said,

    Hey, girl. I have a couple things of his you might not have. Email if you want some. He’s big on letting people tape his concerts and I’ve got a couple good ones.

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