A Moment of Silence……..

August 1, 2007 at 3:39 pm (Uncategorized)

…….for my sister, who is today a divorcee.

Would any of you guys like her number now that she’s single?



  1. Just Dave said,

    I remember the day when I got my final decree in the mail. I felt a mixture of relief that the process was over along with almost overwhelming sadness because of the plans and dreams that were now dust. I imagine Tina may have some of these feelings also. If you tune in today, Tina, be advised that this, too, shall pass. ((((Tina)))).

    For the record, if I was twenty years younger and had not already met my ideal mate, I would love to have her number.

  2. Dick Small said,

    If all of my previous wives hadn’t met untimely, nasty deaths, those marriages would almost certainly have ended up in divorce.
    I would have really felt bad, then.

  3. "that girl" said,

    dave … thanks … (((dave)))

    dick … all that matters is that you are happy with the choice you made … hehehehe!!!!!

  4. Dick Small said,

    Hahaaa. All accidents, my friend! I can assure you.

  5. Dick Small said,


  6. Catherinette Singleton said,

    Congrats to your sister on her newly acquired freedom!

  7. Lynda said,

    I have a brother who is single. 🙂

  8. Dick Small said,

    Lynda the Yenta.

  9. Dick Small said,

    Btw, Lynda, I’ll take your brother out. A nice, cozy italian restaurant, candlelight, our own private booth, a violin player…. see what he says.

    And tell him not to worry, I don’t bite (well unless he asks)….

  10. Skittles said,

    Does this mean congrats or condolences?

  11. Teri said,

    Skittles, probably a little of both. she thinks she failed the marriage and also she glad as hell to be out of it.

  12. Forever Young said,

    my ‘divorcee’ years were some of the happiest of my life.

  13. Teri said,

    Forever young, I think my sister will concur as well. if she stays single for that long…

  14. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Here’s hoping she fares better in Chapter Two!

  15. Zed said,

    Dear Teri’s other sister,
    I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy your unattached self. But no matter what, best wishes to you!

    Your co-sis,

  16. Skittles said,

    Teri: Yeah, I can understand that, having been there myself before.

    You’ve been tagged with the Middle Name Meme!

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