Middle Name Meme…..

August 6, 2007 at 10:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Skittles tagged me with this meme. I haven’t done this one before so I’ll gladly play along.

Here are the rules:

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts.

4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

The Middle Name Meme

L: Loyal. I am only loyal, though, when I feel that others in my life are the same.

Y: Yankee. Even though I was born in Nebraska but have lived in Jersey most of my life, I consider myself a Yankee. I won’t critisize someone for being from the South but I will critisize if they insist on bringing up the Civil War over and over again and by flying the Confederate Flag like it’s this country symbol. Leave it alone, it was long ago.

N: Nice. I feel that I’m a nice person and will go out of my way to be nice to others, as long as they are nice to me.

N: Naughty. I can be naughty at times. Sometimes by joking around and other times by having a bad attitude, especially when I feel that others are being jerks.

I’m not tagging anyone, however. If you choose to do it because you haven’t done it before, please do.



  1. Freak Magnet said,

    Did I scare you off from tagging people? I would have tagged someone.

  2. Teri said,

    na, I always feel like folks get tired of the tags. that’s why I don’t tag sometimes.

  3. Skittles said,

    I never get tired of tags! (For the record)

    I should have said naughty for one of my N’s!

  4. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Nebraska counts as being a Yankee? We’re gonna need a ruling on that…

  5. Teri said,

    Fab, I said that because I’ve lived in Jersey for most of my life. That makes me a Yankee.

    Skittles, you never get tired of the tags because you get all the cool tags.

  6. Skylers Dad said,

    My middle name is christopher, that’s too damn long to deal with, so I’ll pass on this one!

  7. Zed said,

    I didn’t know we were born in Nebraska, sis. No one in the family ever told me. The black sheep never gets told a thing.

  8. Grant Miller said,

    But you don’t like The Yankees, right?

  9. Dick Small said,

    Too bad there’s not an “N” in my middle name, because I’m nice too. I also go out of my way to be nice to others. To extremes, sometimes.

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