Love is a battlefield! Don’t I know it……..

August 17, 2007 at 5:19 pm (George, Pat Benatar)

I’m going to see Pat Benatar tonight at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. My friend George is up from Florida and he bought tickets.

Anyone have any requests for me to give to Pat?


  1. Cayman said,

    Awesome. She is great in concert.

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    Haven’t seen her (or anyone else) in years! Oh, and “Hell is for children”

  3. Nobody™ said,

    Have fun!

  4. Doctor Mom™ said,

    Come On…

    Hit me with your best shot!!!

    Gosh, the life of a single girl….

    I get to pick my daughter up when she’s done socializing and sit home and watch the Twin’s play baseball until it’s time to go.

    Have fun!!

  5. Zed said,

    Is George the new Brian? Hey, what happened to Brian!!??

  6. Teri said,

    Zed, no, George is not the “new” Brian. Brian is still around, he’s just being quiet. George and I are friends, have been for over 20 years.

  7. Doctor Mom™ said,

    So. where’s Brian?

    Did Fancy Zed chase him away with her pining and over zealous behavior?

  8. Teri said,

    Dr. Mom, he was a little scared of Zed. He tends to not like aggressive women and she scared him a little. I think he might be in hiding for a bit.

    will let you know when he emerges.

  9. Just Dave said,

    Yes, I request that she drop by Denver and give me a big sloppy kiss. I have been a Benetar fan since she appeared on the Andy Williams Show.

    “Shadows of the Night” – one of the best ever.

  10. "that girl" said,

    hey … she is going to be here … not sure when … we went to poison the other night at the dodge theatre and i saw a big billboard with her on it …. how was it??

  11. Teri said,

    Tina, it was great, as always. those two hours always go so fast.

    She’s in Phoenix on October 12. Maybe you can give yourself a birthday present? Or maybe one of your girls can give you a birthday present?

  12. metalmom said,

    Promises in the Dark!!

    Hubs won’t drive that far for a concert (although we saw Weird Al in Wildwood during our vacay!) That was my anniversary gift. I’m gonna post some pix when Babygirl gets home from her trip!

    Enjoy the concert and tell me all about it!!!

  13. Dick Small said,

    I kind of miss Byron already. Or is it Benson…

  14. Zed said,

    Brian, my love, though Teri is trying to blame ME for your recent absence, saying I was too aggressive for you, we both know that you love me with all your heart and want to be MY man. Let’s tell the truth here, it’s my sister Teri that scared you off.

    I treasure the watch you bought me at Bloomingdale’s and I think of you whenever I need to check the time. It’s as if you are sitting there, right on my wrist!

    I’ll leave the light on, Brian. Smooches! Hurry back to my arms!

  15. Teri said,

    ah Zed, it’s such a treat to be your sister……..

  16. Mr. Fabulous said,

    I am jealous. LOVE her!

  17. Dick Small said,

    Boy, Zed really lives in her own fantasy world. I swear she just makes stuff up as she goes along. It’s very disturbing.

  18. Zed said,



  19. Skittles said,

    “Invincible” 🙂

  20. Amy said,

    That is so awesome. I love singing her songs at karaoke. Shadows of the Night is one of my favorites.

    Hope you had a good time! How was the show??

  21. Sunshine said,

    We Belong is my fav. I luff Pat.

  22. Dick Small said,

    I saw an interview with Pat once. She said as a pre-teen she used to sing opera, and practice in her room near her window. Once in awhile some kids would be playing baseball in the lot next door, and as she was practicing her opera, she’d hear: “Shut up! We’re trying to play ball!!

  23. Teri said,

    Dick, I read the same thing. Supposedly her mother sang opera and that’s where Pat started.

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