What kind of music do you listen to?

September 7, 2007 at 11:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been noticing that, within my group of “people”, there are certain types of music that they all listen to.

For example, my friend, Cindy’s, ex-boyfriend is a classic rock kind of guy. My friend George still listens to the 80’s stuff. Mixednut sounds like a classic rock kind of guy as well. I like to listen to more recent stuff. Listening to the older stuff takes me back, makes my memories vivid and makes me sad that I’m not at that place anymore. I like to move forward and listen to the newer stuff with some older stuff mixed in but not too much. Cindy is a classic rock chick, a folk music maniac and a new music lover. She’s all over the place. Oh yeah, and her and I also love country music.

What types of music do you listen to and from what time period.

Most of my music is: country, alternative, pop and rock.



  1. Just Dave said,

    I mainly like country, folk and classic rock but I like some of the new music too. I have downloaded Rihanna and Eminem along with the Eagles and Joan Baez. I guess the only studd I don’t like is punk – enough with the screaming.

  2. Sushiboy said,

    I like:
    Vocal Trance, (sub genre of techno)
    Downtempo, (Electronic music with lots of synth and slow beats)
    Classic Rock, (Beatlemania)
    Classical (its old, but it never gets old)

  3. Nobody™ said,

    My favorite genre is 90’s Alternative and Grunge, especially stuff from around ’93 or ’94. I also listen to current rock, and throw in some big hair ’80s metal.

  4. Sunshine said,

    All 80s, all the time, baby!

  5. Freak Magnet said,

    I cycle through it all. I’ll go through periods of 70s singer/songwriter stuff, rap, country, and on and on (I like everything except trance/house/techno and gangsta rap). It’s not uncommon for people to come into my office, stop when they hear what’s playing and say, “You really DO listen to everything, don’t you?”

    Right now, I REALLY dig Scissor Sisters’ Ta-Dah (youtube I Don’t Feel Like Dancing) and INXS’latest. Oh my. I just youtube’d Pretty Vegas and oh my is the lead singer HOOOOOOOTTTT!!! Um… gottagoseeyalater.

  6. "that girl" said,

    i listen to everything … depends on my mood i guess … lately i am into the hip hop thing but i also like country, hard core stuff like marilyn manson and linkin park, some rap, and classical …

    … did you know that pavarotti (sp) died the other day … that’s another anomolie that i have in my cd player … the 3 tenors oh and yo yo ma, classic chellist

  7. Dick Small said,

    Well…. right now, my fave chick is Avril Lavigne. My favorite song is “Unwritten” by what’s-her-name (I don’t know how old that song is, or the name of the artist). I also like Jan Arden’s “At Seventeen”, and “Son of a preacher man”. Also, I love Fergie’s “Big girls don’t cry”.

  8. Dick Small said,

    Also: “put your records on” by Kay Bailey Sales. I guess I just like the chick artists these days.

  9. coffeypot said,

    Talk radio and audio tapes. If I HAVE to listen to music, it is country and blue grass.

  10. Skylers Dad said,

    I don’t listen to very much music these days cause it bothers Skyler for some reason. But I used to listen to folk, classic rock, and some pretty strange stuff like big choral groups and accapella groups.

  11. Jen said,

    90’s Alternative
    classic rock

    no rap

  12. mixednut said,

    Classic rock, like you said.
    80’s new wave and punk, 90’s alternative, 70’s pop, disco & r&b.
    Some techno. Anything that makes my feet move.
    Other Various: Sade, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Billie Holiday, Moby,
    Very little country or rap.

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