Shit for brains

September 21, 2007 at 4:40 pm (Uncategorized)

I thought MIT students were suppose to be smart?

This makes me think she is wasting her money.



  1. Sunshine said,

    I have found that some highly intelligent individuals are incredibly lacking in common sense or “street smarts”.

    Guess you can’t have everything!

  2. coffeypot said,

    How stupid can some people be? Her world revolves around HER. No thought or consideration for others, just what she feels is right, pretty or attractive. Although I have pierced ears, I wouldn’t go into an airport with grenades dangling off each lobe because I considered it ART. I guess the MIT students will march and protest her arrest like they did with the camera whore at the Kerry meeting.

  3. Skylers Dad said,

    “Star” is certainly lucky that the airport wasn’t at an elevated (read paranoid) state of security. They probably would have fired first then inquired about her “art”…

  4. Nobody™ said,

    I dunno, seems like a buncha bullshit to me. Since when were electronic circuit boards explosive? These pricks that run the airports are out of control with the shoe removal and not allowing water on airplanes.

  5. Sushiboy said,

    I’m not sure what to think of this. Did she specifically design it to look like a bomb? Or was she just a circuit board wearing weirdo. Until I see the ‘device’ I’m keeping my mind open.

  6. Doctor Mom™ said,

    Not always
    Sometimes those Ivy-Leaguers have annihilated every brain cell they arrived with in their freshman year

  7. Skittles said,

    She is lucky she didn’t get shot.

  8. Teri said,

    and or killed, Skittles. what a dumbass.

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