Death at an airport

October 5, 2007 at 6:03 pm (Uncategorized)

What is your take on the lady that was killed at the Phoenix airport? After all this information is coming out, I really think that she should NOT have been traveling alone. Supposedly, her husband was pleading with the airport to help his wife. Why wasn’t he or another friend or family member traveling with her if she was so unstable? I think the whole situation could have been avoided if this were the case.



  1. Sushiboy said,

    I’m gonna go with you though Teri, I grew up with 2 severely handicapped brothers. They could act out, sometimes violently. For that reason we made sure that they were never in a public situations with out some kind of gaurdian figure. I also worked with the handicapped as a job for a while, I worked with those who had higher ‘behaviours’ (negative behaviour) some of these guys could be pretty violent too. (ack I’m diverging I’m trying to get to my point I really am)

    My point, is that we never never left these people alone in a situation like this. We accompanied them to the bathroom (I worked with males), we accompanied them to the cafeteria, anywhere that was public where they would run into other people, they were cared for and or watched our for. If I had to use the bathroom, it had to wait. If I was hungry it had to wait, if needed to do anything that would take my attention off of them, it had to wait. If a security guard or policeman was called in for a distubance for one of our boys, they never intervened when we were taking care of the situation. They let us handle it because we knew best. This lady didn’t have someone there for her. The security did the only thing they knew how to do. Sure you can argue that they should have been trained better, they probably should have. But even with the training this lady looks completely normal. Sure she was acting like a complete whack job, but lets face it, most of the people that cops and guards end of dealing with act that way. She should have been accompanied by a responible person.

  2. Sushiboy said,

    Er… I can’t type today. The first sentence should read,”I’m gonna go with you Teri,”

  3. Grant Miller said,

    I think I’ll take a train next time I have to go anywhere.

  4. Skylers Dad said,

    Absolutely she never should have been traveling alone! I second what Sushiboy was sayin, cause I am in the world of special needs so much.

  5. Just Dave said,

    I agree 100% that she should not have been traveling alone. However, I will add that the police did not seem to handle the situation well. I watched the security tape last night. When she began shrinking back from the police, that was the time to talk to her calmly and assure her that they were there to help instead of piling on. I don’t know if it was a training issue or just dumb redneck cops, but I think that the situation could have been handled far better.

  6. Zed said,

    I truly believe she should not have been traveling alone. Before the police ever touched her, she was standing in the middle of the airport screaming her lungs out repeatedly. When they went to see what was wrong, she continued to scream, and struggled when they tried to subdue her.

    Her husband should have been with her, or someone else should have been sent along who understood her and whom she trusted.

  7. Doctor Mom™ said,

    Hey Teri
    I was actually down there when this happened

    According to the news reports in Phoenix, the family said she was not intoxicated when they saw her. Granted she was upset in the airport, she should not have been left unattended. The reports stated she became increasingly more upset and anxious after the handcuffs were applied and only became out of control when they were on.

    Then, the police made the choice to leave her in this state, alone. It seems that she tried to get the cuffs off over her head and this is how she died.

    They reported frequently on this, with every news cast.

    I don’t think the people in Phoenix will allow this to go unnoticed.

    It is an incredibly sad story.

    As was the story of the boy who was waterskiiing and died after an amoeba entered his nose and infected his brain.

    I really wanted to come home to Minnesota after watching the news

  8. Coaster Punchman said,

    I don’t have the heart to read of another tragedy right now. But can I tell you I really like the organization of your link list?

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