Exorcist Cats

October 15, 2007 at 1:44 am (Uncategorized)

Do any of you have possessed cats? Is there an exorcism that can be done?

Okay, so it was dark in the house and I had the flash on. This is weird.


  1. metalmom said,

    CREEPY! It looks like “Pet Sematery” LOL

  2. "that girl" said,

    ok … that’s shit that you wake up in the middle of the night and see and wig the fuck out over!!!

  3. Marni said,

    Must. Look. Away.

  4. coffeypot said,

    Demonically possessed cats! Cool!

    I’m on my way to your neck of the woods again tonight for another dog delivery. As always, I’ll way as I go by in the morning.

  5. Teri said,

    Coffeypot, I’ll waive back. have a good trip. do you ever stay home?

  6. Skylers Dad said,

    My sister had a wolf hybrid up until a couple of months ago. He had eyes you just would not believe!
    Check out her blog:

  7. Skittles said,

    Oh freaky!

  8. Zed said,

    That’s just beyond weird. They’re cute and adorable in the daytime, and at night they turn into vampire cats.

  9. Jen said,

    love it!

  10. mixednut said,


  11. Nobody™ said,

    There is no way I could sleep in the same house as those cats.

  12. Special K said,

    Behold, the power of kitty….

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