Kitty love

October 20, 2007 at 11:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I HAD to steal this from Anne Altman. I loved it so. Enjoy!



  1. Mr. Fabulous said,

    And that is why I don’t have a cat.

  2. coffeypot said,

    Our cat, Chaplin (Chappie), climbs on my chest each night. He will head-butt me or lick my chin. He thinks he’s a dog. But I just bop him on the head with the channel selector and he jumps off the bed. Then, as most cats do, he will climb right back on as if nothing had happened. He will continue to do this until I roll on my side. Then he just lies down against my back. Damn dog-cat.

  3. Mel said,

    I saw this one Vegas Princess’s blog too! Hilarious!

  4. Skylers Dad said,

    Perfect example of the deviousness of the feline variety.

  5. Jen said,

    that was awesome!!

  6. cheer34 said,

    and that is why men should never ignore pussy

  7. Skylers Dad said,

    Cheer, have you ever met a man who ignored pussy?

  8. Teri said,

    Cheer and SD, I think this man might be the first. In history.

  9. Chris said,

    Excellent find, Teri! I’m pretty sure that cartoon is based on my cat.

  10. cheer34 said,

    SD: mmmmmmm…… not that I know of

  11. Zed said,

    My cat Muffin used to wake me up every single morning like this (well, except for hitting me over the head with a baseball bat).

    Of course, Muffin isn’t living any more, but let’s not go into that.

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