Stuff on my Cat

October 24, 2007 at 7:49 pm (Uncategorized)

I ABSOLUTELY love this site (on the right, below). Here is the cutest video I’ve honestly seen IN MY LIFE. It makes me all squishy inside. Enjoy!



  1. Jen said,

    love love love it!
    soooo sweeet

    I need to send in a Travis
    pic with stuff on him..

  2. Zed said,

    OMG, that was the cutest thing ever!! They’re adorable. Now I am ruined for the evening. SO CUTE!!!

    P.S. I wish Frankie and Johnny loved each other as much. Frankie just keeps taking swats at Johnny’s head, and Johnny–at least twice her size if not more–runs away like a coward and hides in the closet. Where’s the love??!

  3. "that girl" said,

    like a damn married couple!!!!

  4. coffeypot said,

    I love cats – especially barbequed.

  5. Special K said,

    Cute overload!!!!!

  6. Teri said,

    Now Coffeypot, that’s not nice. How would ya feel if I said I like barbeque’d dog?

    I like dogs but I’m a cat person 150%.

  7. coffeypot said,

    I’d say, pass the salt and pepper, please. This is not a popular idea, but I believe that, since you are going to euthanize millions of dogs each year anyways, why not use the good, health ones to feed the homeless. It’s not heartless, it’s practical. And the dog is just as dead.

    Although I am a real dog person, I like cats, too. As a matter of fact, we are fostering a gray comedian cat, now. He is so spastic that he keeps us laughing all the time. But MY cat is a black and white gentleman named Chaplin. He thinks he is a dog. He comes when you call. He meets you at the door when you come in, and talks to you for about five minuets. He climbs on my lap, or, if I am reclined in my chair, he will lay on my chest. He will give me a head butt and lick my chin or hand. At night he lays next to me with his head and front paws on my left shoulder. We are just two old men hanging out. I might teach him to play checkers.

  8. Teri said,

    Coffeypot, I thought only the Chinese ate cats and dogs?

    My one cat is a “fetcher”. After she’s had her wet food, her dry food, some water, etc. and she’s still “whining” this means she wants to play. I’ll throw a piece of folded up paper for her, she fetches it and brings it to me. Just like a dog. She’s cute.

  9. Amy said,


  10. mixednut said,

    “So, are you going to give me a bath tonight?”

    “No, I think it’s your turn.”

    “Are you sure. Because I know I did it last night.”

    “Oh, I’m sure.”

  11. Superwoman said,

    Cakes says “again, again”, she thinks it’s really cute.

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