October 26, 2007 at 12:32 am (Uncategorized)

No, I’m not fired. I don’t think so, anyway. My supervisor was fired last week. Here’s the scoop.

They hired her last year and she was to “manage” all the admin staff. I guess she thought she could be the boss and we were her little minions. She cared more about the folks we work for than her actual staff. If one of our bosses had an issue with one of us it was ALWAYS our fault and we got the brunt of her bitchy attitude. The grapevine was saying that there was going to be a major walkout if something didn’t happen with this supervisor but the problem was that no one was complaining about her to the right people. We were complaining amongst ourselves but we all know that gets you nowhere. I’m not sure what happened and I’m still in the process of trying to find out but she got canned last Monday and all the admin staff still don’t know what went down. I even heard they were dancing around their desks when it happened.

I know that when the news came down that I felt a building like weight lifting off my shoulders. She made us feel like she did NOT have our backs, and that we were all 5 years old and not the adults that we are. Some of us have even been doing this type of work for 20 years and are about 40 years old. I wish someone would have told me that I wasn’t an adult, I never knew!

So all I can sing is: “Ding, Dong, the witch is gone…” Margarita, anyone?



  1. Sushiboy said,

    Woo hoo for you. Does this mean another tattoo? (I’m not serious about that last part, it just rhymed and I couldn’t resist)

  2. Lori said,

    Nice. It’s always good to see justice being served in the workplace, although it usually takes a looooong time.

  3. cheer34 said,

    I’ll take a margarita!

  4. coffeypot said,

    You should get a card and let everyone sign it that says something like, “Glad Your Gone” or “Couldn’t Have Happen To A More Deserving Person” or “Who’s Got You Back Now”

  5. mixednut said,

    On the rocks please, no salt. thx

  6. Sans Pantaloons said,

    I tend not to accept the assumption of altruism by management.

  7. metalmom said,

    laughing @ coffeypot!

    I hope this makes work more pleasant…. well, work is never pleasant but, you know what I mean!

  8. Skylers Dad said,

    Congrats! Nice to have that excess weight off of your back, isn’t it?

  9. Just Dave said,

    Having been on the upper management end, believe me when I tell you that they know when something is not right. You can tell just by the atmosphere in an office if there is trouble. That’s probably why your backstabber is now gone. I know what a relieve it can be so enjoy yourself and hope that the replacement is better.

  10. "that girl" said,

    omg!! my boss is the same way … it’s all about sales sales sales and fuck the support team … i wish she would quit or get fired

    oh and btw … there were 2 more birthdays this week and they got cards … i didn’t even get that

  11. Superwoman said,

    yep, I agree with coffeypot.

  12. Teri said,

    Tina, both your card and mom’s card were mailed to the other address. Did you put in a change of address? Cause I couldn’t find where I wrote the new address and sent them to the old.

  13. Dick Small said,

    I think it’s sad when someone gets fired. Oh sure, they may have an abrasive personality, and may be rude and inconsiderate, but they also have a mortgage to pay, car payments, health insurance for their kids, maybe a parent in a nursing home….
    Well, at least you can gloat about it. Congratulations. I’m very happy for you.

  14. Teri said,

    Dick, that is my big worry. Even though I’m glad she’s gone I still feel bad and worry about her, especially since she just bought a house in May. I know how I felt one time being out of work and having major bills to pay, especially my mortgage.

  15. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Any margaritas left?

  16. Dick Small said,

    See, Fab’s just torn up about it too. I guess gloating must be a “chick thing”…

  17. Nobody™ said,

    I got fired once. It was awesome!

    I hope your next boss isn’t an idiot.

  18. Mel said,

    I felt the same when my evil boss from hell left last year! Glad to see someone else got a break. Yeah, it feels great!

  19. Teri said,

    Fab, for you I made an entire pitcher.

  20. Dee said,

    Mmmm….there is justice in the world after all! Aint it so nice!! I will spring for the first round.~~Dee

  21. 'Bubbles' said,

    Sometimes the higher-ups notice the B.S. supervisors are dealing, but then it takes forever to deal with the problem. There’s NOTHING worse than a bad boss at work. Nothing.


  22. Cayman said,

    We all make our own beds so I don’t feel sorry for her.

    Also, I know 2 people who were fired and it was the best thing to happen to them. It got them both out of a rut. It was just the jolt they needed.

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