Friday Field Trip……a day late

October 27, 2007 at 8:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I had an awesome time today with Metalmom and her friend, Lostmahead. They are great chicks and we laughed the whole time. We took a mural tour of West Philly and it was well worth the money. Enjoy the pictures. It seemed like there was a mural on every corner. We also found out that Philadelphia has the most murals in the world. (click to enlarge)

The mural with the huge boy with the medals around his neck and the other with the mural of Africa were all done in mosaic tiles. It was spectacular!
Cheer, here is an explanation of how to go about getting a mural. There are companies that sponsor the murals, which I believe covers some of the costs as well.



  1. metalmom said,

    OMG!! Your pictures came out great! I will be figuring out how to unload my camera and posting about the trip maybe tomorrow.

    I had a great time laughing, riding, eating, walking, playing with you. I can’t wait until our next trip!!

  2. Teri said,

    metalmom, believe me, alot of them didn’t come out. most were too blurry or rainy through the window.

    I had a blast with you two as well. and I’m glad to see you arrived home okay!

  3. Angry said,

    A great trip Teri, thanks.

  4. Skylers Dad said,

    That was awesome! Another winner.

  5. cheer34 said,

    Those are spectacular. Does the city sponsor the artists? what’s the deal please post some backround info.

  6. Sushiboy said,

    Cool Murals! I’m gald you posted some more.

  7. Mel said,

    Those are way cool!!! We just have fish here. I have no idea why fish, its not like we are a coastal town LOL

  8. mixednut said,

    The mosaic tile one was amazing! I think LA has like 12? murals. Yeah, we suck.

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