Presidential Connections

November 2, 2007 at 6:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Taken from the book “The Great Leap Westward” by Walter Durham. Part of my mother’s family settled in Sumner County, Tennessee, the county that Nashville is located, about 1780. The gentleman with the bolded name is from her family line. The other bolded name you will recognize as an upcoming U.S. President of that time.

The town site had apparently been surveyed and plotted in advance of the deed signing because the commissioners had advertised the sale of “lots in the town of Gallatin” in the January 27, 1802, edition of the Tennessee Gazette with the sale to commence at 12 o’clock noon on February 26. The sale was held at the home of Captain James Trousdale and the lots were offered for cash or at six months’ credit.

Not all of the lots were sold in the February 26 sale. On June 12 of the same year the commissioners advertised the “balance” of the town lots for sale. Among the original purchasers of Gallatin town lots were ANDREW JACKSON, John C. Hamilton, James Cage, William Montogmery, David Shelby, Robert Trousdale, Wiilliam Sample, Peter Looney, John Briggance and G. D. Blackmore.



  1. coffeypot said,

    That is so cool. Did you do the research on your family, or is it from family lore?

  2. Teri said,

    coffepot, we know that the family settled in Sumner County, TN through research. This information was gotten from the history book for Sumner County that I mention in the post.

    So luckily it’s the truth and not a fable.

    Now I would like to know if the families actually knew each other since the settlement was so small in the beginning.

  3. metalmom said,

    Really Cool!

    I once had an Andrew Jackson in my wallet!

  4. Dick Small said,

    So, someone from your “clan” actually did something with his life..

  5. Teri said,

    I know, Dick. Finally!

    the rest of us are deadbeats.

  6. Grant Miller said,

    Nice. That’s the guy that was president after Kennedy, right?

  7. cheer34 said,

    Andrew Jackson, not one of my favorite prezs. But impressive he could be a neighbor of your long ago family.

  8. David Stefanini said,

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  9. Special K said,

    He was a big ole’ slut…but a smart guy….
    He also rode to Adams Tennessee to investigate the Bell Witch hauting in person – supposedly.

    Teri, I don’t feel important enough to really be commenting now that you have ‘Presidential’ Connections……

  10. Teri said,

    Special K, believe me, the “specialness” of this has worn off LONG ago. You folks are more important than this event, considering it happened SO long ago and was probably not thought of by the family after it occurred.

  11. Just Dave said,

    The Brigance Clan probably had to keep telling the Jacksons to keep the noise down since Andy J. was known to tip the bottle. His wife, Rachel, was pretty nice, though.

  12. Skylers Dad said,

    We just had a lot of hooligans in my background!

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