Cash POOR!

November 10, 2007 at 3:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Can I say how much I HATE being cash poor. I either need another job that pays a little more money or I need a “Sugar Daddy“.

Okay, okay, maybe I should stop spending money on my one credit card and try to pay it off, quickly. All my other bills are necessities like electricity, gas, dsl, blah, blah, blah……..

Should I start selling off the contents of my house on ebay? This is the main issue that can keep me up at night.



  1. Sunshine said,

    I just bought “total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey and it is awesome.

    I have been trying to figure out how to put 4 kids through college and not have to work until we’re 90 to do it.

    But, his plans are workable for EVERY scenario…a little debt, a mountain, and everything inbetween.

    But, wow, just owning and maintaining a home for the six of us eats up a lot of $$$.

    These guys better pick out a swanky nursing home for me, that’s all I have to say!

  2. Teri said,

    Thanks, Sonja. I went to Amazon and purchased that book. Alot of great reviews and testimonies, as well. I guess if it can work for everyone else, I can give it a shot.

  3. Teri said,

    and tell them none of those State run facilities, either. you want a first class room at a swanky retirement home.

  4. Special K said,

    Read the book and all, but if the opportunity to snag a sugar daddy arises, don’t pass it up.

  5. Teri said,

    Oh, I won’t, Special K. I’d be stupid to pass something like that up.

  6. coffeypot said,

    I don’t want to be a “sugar daddy,” but I wouldn’t mind being a “skivvie honcho.” That way I could enjoy all the pleasure without spending all the money. Works for me!

  7. metalmom said,

    I’m too poor to buy the book….Can I borrow it when you’re done?

    I need a money charm….

  8. Just Dave said,

    Just take the train to Atlantic City. I’m sure you can win millions there. That’s waht the ads for the Borgata say and I’m sure they wouldn’t lie.

  9. Skylers Dad said,

    Can’t you sell blood or try making Meth? Maybe there is a book for that.

    Aren’t I just a world of help?

  10. Teri said,

    metalmom, absolutely. I think we all need money charms.

    Dave, I suck at gambling! maybe I could stand on the corner down there and pick up some “high rollers”?

    SD, Oh, I know Meth is a big hit and alot of folks are into it. maybe I’ll try that. hopefully I won’t blow the house up.

  11. Grant Miller said,

    Start selling posts on your blog.

  12. Sushiboy said,

    Stupid money. I never seem to have enough.

  13. Jen said,

    Sugar Daddy sounds
    like your best bet..

  14. Catherinette Singleton said,

    I’m right there with you. It’s the worst feeling ever, yet I like to pretend that I still have money and spend what I don’t have. Ugh, sucks!

  15. mixednut said,

    Would you settle for a NutraSweet daddy?

  16. Teri said,

    mixednut – YES

  17. "that girl" said,

    i’m scrounging change to go to star-fucks … that is bad!!!

  18. Teri said,

    Tina, I’m starting to scrounge change to pay my electric bill. Now that’s bad…..

    just kidding, not that bad, yet!

  19. La Catcuracha said,

    Im feeling your pain, sista! Ive been told selling organs can be profitable….

  20. Amy said,

    I’ll worry about finances after my stupid move. That’s where all my money is going at the moment.

    I’ll probably buy that book.

    And pray that I find a sugar daddy.

  21. Mel said,

    I keep telling my daughter “its just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is to fall in love with poor one”. I of course didnt live by that though. I feel like slapping myself in the head saying I could have had a V8

  22. The Guv'ner said,

    Nah. Sugar Daddies are overrated. They stick to your teeth so you have to “hock ike hiss”

    Oh wait…THAT kind of sugar daddy.

  23. The Guv'ner said,

    Nah. Sugar Daddies are overrated. They stick to your teeth so you have to “hock ike hiss”

    Oh wait…THAT kind of sugar daddy.

  24. The Guv'ner said,

    Nah. Sugar Daddies are overrated. They stick to your teeth so you have to “hock ike hiss”

    Oh wait…THAT kind of sugar daddy.

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