Now that’s a Christmas outfit!

December 14, 2007 at 3:00 am (Uncategorized)

Raise your hand if this beautiful kitty sent you a Christmas card. Anyone? That’s a shame because he sent me one. He must love me best!

You’ll notice that he’s wearing his “bah humbug” look. He’s too cool for Christmas.

Thanks for the card, Jen. You have NO idea how privileged I feel.



  1. The Guv'ner said,

    He’s like the Frank Sinatra of pussies!

    Wait, that sounded wrong…

    Maybe the Dean Martin of pussies.

    Whatever sort of pussy he is, he’s CUTE!

  2. Chris said,

    That cat has attitude.

    Or cattitude.

    Sorry about that one.

  3. coffeypot said,

    What! No Pet Smart Santa picture with the little dude? But you are truly blessed, Teri. I got mine from you. Yours is coming, too.

  4. Dick Small said,

    You forgot to mention that you paid Jen for the postage, as well as re-imbursed her for the card paper. It’s pathetic, really.

  5. Grant Miller said,


  6. A.J.Reams said,

    Ha ha! How awesome!

  7. Jen said,



  8. WendyB said,

    A lolcats version is necessary.

  9. Teri said,

    Guv, I can always count on you for the fabulous names.

    Chris, I expected this from you. No need to apologize. : )

    Coffeypot, I don’t think he likes Santa, sorry!

    Dick, I did but you didn’t have to announce it to the world and make me cry, did you? *sob*

    Jen, I concur.

    wendyb, I agree.

  10. stable mabel said,

    I don’t seem to get many cards these days, as I did back in “the home”.

  11. stable mabel said,

    .. but thanks to my new meds, people are starting to want to be around me again. Now that there’s no propensity for violent outbursts like I used to get.

  12. Mel said,

    Hey I didnt get a cute cat card! Its is the cutest cat pic evah!

  13. Dick Small said,

    Hey Teri, your profile page says you’re 41, but I thought you were 42 by now. Or is it 43???

  14. Teri said,

    Dick – in my profile page you will notice that I’m an Aquarian. Those birthdays start sometime in mid January. My birthday is at the very end of January.j

    STOP pushing it along, will ya!

  15. Just Dave said,

    hatz mayk mah earz fold.

  16. mixednut said,

    That cat looks familiar…

  17. Lori said,

    That is one AWESOME kitty photo! I love how the hat is tilted ever so jauntily on his little head.

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