An invisible meme

January 29, 2008 at 1:11 am (misc)

Lori was tagged by Angry Buttons and then she tagged me. Read Angry’s rules for you to understand the pictures. I’m not tagging anyone. If you wish to play, please do.

I posted this first picture on Myspace to a few people and thought it was adorable. Lori used it first, though, so I have her to thank.

I copied this second picture from someone, I can’t remember who. The dogs weren’t happy and Vick looked scared.

Here’s another lovely photo from Myspace. It’s good eyecandy to look at, wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t think I ever posted this one. The red house is the “Sea Mist”. A lovely victorian B&B down in Cape May, NJ.

I’m posting this picture for my birthday this year (tomorrow) as I didn’t use it for last year.



  1. Lori said,

    Nicely done, Teri! Thanks for playing. I love that Sesame Street icon.

  2. Just Dave said,

    Let me be the first in the blogosphere to wish you a happy birthday. Have a great one.

  3. Teri said,

    thanks, dave.

  4. Angie said,

    The sesame street photo always makes me laugh…and then I feel bad for laughing.

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

  5. Nobody™ said,

    Happy Birthday!!

    I might do this meme sometime in the near future. I already have the next two days posts done, so it will have to wait a bit.

  6. fudgelady said,

    Happy Birthday, Teri! Party on!!

  7. Sans Pantaloons said,

    Happy Birthday Teri!

  8. coffeypot said,

    Happy Birthday, Miss Teri. I like the Big Bird on a platter picture, and I would really like to see the Cape May B&B. I bet it has plenty of history.

  9. metalmom said,

    HEY!!! Where’s the birthday post??

    Where’s the cake?
    Where’s the balloons?
    Where’s the stripper?
    Where’s the “punch”?

    You call this a party??

    Damn, I’ll be right back…I’m off to buy you a party.

  10. mixednut said,

    Happy Birthday Teri!
    I’m brining the punch.

  11. Sushiboy said,

    Hayppy Birthday!

  12. Chris said,

    Have a great birthday, Teri!

  13. speckledpup said,

    oh so cute
    and happy birthday tomorrow in case I don’t tell you

  14. Teri said,

    ohhhhh, metalmom sent me a stripper and he was HAWT!!!

    thank you, metalmom.

  15. Dick Small said,

    Happy birthday, Teri! I must say, you’re handling it well. I don’t think I’d handle it as well, being that old….

  16. Grant Miller said,

    Happy Birthday!

  17. Lori said,

    OK, how stupid am I?


    My attention span these days is sorely lacking…obviously.

  18. Jen said,

    Happy Birthday!!
    happy happy happy!!

  19. SkylersDad said,

    Very good Teri, I really loved the dogs and Vick one!

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