Happy St. Patty’s Day or what I like to call "Any excuse for a drink" day

March 17, 2008 at 4:23 pm (holidays)

Join me for a drink, won’t you?



  1. catherinette said,

    Mmm. . .booze! Happy St. Patty’s!

  2. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Sounds good to me!

  3. coffeypot said,

    It looks like he as a bottle nipple on his toast of Irish cheer.

  4. Teri said,

    Coffeypot, that’s the best way to drink it and it brings back fond memories of childhood.

  5. Sunshine said,

    I live in a heavily German area. But today, everyone thinks they’re Irish.

    But, I have the name to back it up.

  6. SkylersDad said,

    I treat it like New Years Eve and stay home safe from the non-experienced drinkers.

  7. N said,

    don’t mind if i do, teri!

    hope yours was great!

  8. cheer34 said,

    I didn’t realize it was St Patty’s Day.

  9. coffeypot said,

    Well, it looks like he had a perverted childhood.

  10. Joe said,

    I’m a little late. Anything left, or did the rest of you raging alcoholics finish it all…

  11. Teri said,

    we raging alcholics finished it all, Joe. Sorry! I’m finally starting to sober up…

  12. Grant Miller said,

    And then wash that drunk smell off with a little Irish Spring!

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