Eminent Domain

March 29, 2008 at 6:41 pm (Brian, Cindy, eminent domain, George, Haddon Township)

I was reading my local newspaper today and came across an article that said one of the local townships had issued a Ordinance that “bans the taking of private property for economic development by eminent domain“. This issue had been running amok around here in the past few years and it’s the type of issue that makes me see RED every time it happens. I’m glad this township passed the Ordinance and hopefully the other townships will not be far behind, including my own.

In other news, I’m getting ready for vacation. I’m getting all my stuff together (reading material, cell phone chargers, flight information, etc.) and am cleaning the house before I head out. Will do wash tomorrow, pack my suitcase finish last minute odds and ends and head out to the airport Monday at about 4:30 p.m. I’m finding that the older I get, I do NOT like to stress. I’m glad I wasn’t leaving this weekend considering there were things I needed to do that I couldn’t get to this week. Plus I hate having to work a full day and then come home to do all the stuff before I leave on vacation. Having a week off from work is hard enough. I actually had to go into work this morning to print and send out some client invoices that had to go out but my consultant wasn’t able to get to me until Friday.

My lovely crush, Brian, will be checking my mail and looking after the kitties for me. When I asked him to do this for me he said YES before I could even finish my sentence and he said yes a few times, at that. Hmmmmm, I wonder what this means? : )

If I didn’t mention it, I will be heading to Florida with my best buddy, Cindy. She has a timeshare and we will be staying at one of the better resorts in the Orlando area, near Disney. I will be seeing my friend, George and hopefully a distant relative who lives in the Miami area. I met her when I was doing some genealogy on that particular line of my dad’s side of the family.

For those of you who wish to guest post, I will add you tomorrow and email you to let you know that you’ve been given the “key” to the house. I can’t wait to see what you post, hopefully it’s x-rated and funny!

It’s going to be a LONG time away from my computer and I’ll probably go through withdrawal. I’ll probably have about a million emails when I return and that’s no exaggeration. I will especially miss all the blog reading for 8 days.

I will miss you all. Have a great week and hopefully I will have some warm and sunny pictures when I return.



  1. Sans Pantaloons said,

    Have a great, fun and relaxing vacation Teri.

  2. coffeypot said,

    Have fun, Teri. Wish you sun, fun and fu.. uh… I already said fun.

  3. Dick Small said,

    Ah, I’ll never forget one of my most lucrative real estate developments:
    We constructed a 5-story mall in downtown Dallas. The only problem was, there was a convalescent home as well as a nursing home and an orphanage on the premises, right where the food court was to be situated. We were at a loss, until we realized the state’s eminent domain law. We foreclosed on the properties via eminent domain, and had the places demolished and threw those losers out of there (where they all went, if anywhere, I have no idea). I never heard so much whining in all my life…

  4. Teri said,

    Dick, you have a heart of GOLD!

    Thanks, Coffeypot, I will.

    Thanks, Sans, I absolutely will.

  5. SkylersDad said,

    Have a fun vacation, and don’t bother cleaning… It won’t make a bit of difference with this crew looking after things for you.

  6. Jen said,

    I wanted a key..
    but I missed the boat

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